07/23/2012 2:50PM

Jockey Club of Canada changes media awards rules


ETOBICOKE, Ontario - The Jockey Club of Canada has revamped its media awards for 2012, reducing the number of categories from four to three while modifying the rules regarding submissions.

A single category, “writing”, replaces the former newspaper story and feature story categories.

The “photograph” award is unchanged but “digital audio/visual and broadcast” replaces the film/video/broadcast category.

In addition to the traditional print media, submissions from websites and blogs now are eligible.

“The internet has changed the way people access news and information,” said Stacie Roberts, executive director of the Jockey Club of Canada, in a press release. “The former media categories and their regulations were outdated.

“The main focus of the media awards is to recognize outstanding coverage of our sport and to increase positive exposure of our sport through the media.  We recognize that the internet now plays an important role in the media landscape and these changes reflect that.”

The deadline for submissions has been changed to Dec. 31 of each year and all submissions must now be sent by email.

The complete Sovereign Award media category rules, submission guidelines and deadlines are posted on jockeyclub@bellnet.ca.