02/16/2017 4:12PM

Jeffrey Englehart denied license after testing positive for marijuana


The New York State Gaming Commission has refused to issue Jeffrey Englehart a license to train or own horses after Englehart tested positive for marijuana in a recent random drug test.

Englehart, the son of Chris and brother of Jeremiah – both trainers in New York – confirmed that he tested positive for marijuana. The commission, which issued the ruling to refuse Englehart a license on Thursday, did not comment on the reason for the refusal.

The New York stewards scratched Bamboo Stick, Englehart’s lone entry on Thursday’s card at Aqueduct.

Englehart, 26, began training horses in 2013 and at that time was issued a three-year license. Upon renewal last Aug. 20 – Englehart’s birthday – the commission issued him a valid receipt, akin to a temporary license, while his application was under review.

Englehart said he is unable to apply again for one year.

“I made a bad decision to smoke marijuana,” Englehart said Thursday. “There’s no room for that in my life. It affects my life, it affects my business. I love the sport, I love training. I will come back from this, absolutely.”

The commission gave Englehart five days to get his affairs in order before he is banned from the grounds of New York tracks. Englehart said that his assistant, Rachel Sells, will take over the stable.

Jeffrey Englehart won 70 races from 325 starters in 2016. His 51 wins at Finger Lakes ranked seventh in the standings behind Jeremiah’s 129 wins.