07/10/2007 11:00PM

Jackson lawsuit dismissed in Kentucky


The lawsuit filed by Jess Jackson, owner of Stonestreet Stable, over the sale of Buckram Oak Farm in Lexington, Ky., has been dismissed from a federal court there because of questions over whether the court has jurisdiction over the case.

Jackson has alleged that several advisers defrauded him in his $17.5 million purchase of the farm, now named Stonestreet Farm. The case was part of a lawsuit Jackson originally brought against his former advisers in California in 2005, alleging they had fraudulently inflated the prices of horses and farmland and accepted secret commissions n transactions. A California judge dismissed the Buckram Oak deal from that suit in 2006, saying California courts do not have jurisdiction over Kentucky real estate deals.

On Monday, U.S. District Judge Karl Forester dismissed the case after Jackson refused to disclose personal information that would have been used to determine whether his residency could reasonably be established in Kentucky, which could have given a federal court jurisdiction over the case.

"Because of threats made at the outset of the litigation - he had anonymous phone calls from people saying, 'You better back off the litigation and dual-agency stuff' - he didn't want to file this information in order to protect his family," Lexington attorney Richard Getty said.

Getty said Jackson has refiled the case in Fayette, Ky., Circuit Court.