05/25/2014 7:08PM

Jacino sustains broken arm in race declared no contest


Jockey John Jacinto broke his arm in the sixth race Sunday at Louisiana Downs, according to his agent, Richard Price. The race was declared a no contest, according to Trent McIntosh, director of operations for the Bossier City, La., track. Jacinto was thrown, and had to be removed from the track by officials.

Price said an X-ray taken at a local hospital revealed the break. He said Jacinto remained at the hospital as of the early evening hours on Sunday.

“He has a broken arm. It’s not where he broke it last year,” Price said of a previous injury. “That’s all I know. I don’t know the extent [of the injury.] Hopefully, it’s not that bad.”

Jacinto ranks second in the current jockey standings at Louisiana Downs.