12/04/2013 5:05PM

Iowa TOBA stallion season auction begins Dec. 7


The Iowa Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association will host its annual stallion season auction from Saturday, Dec. 7 to Saturday, Dec. 14.

The online auction features seasons to more than 140 stallions from 20 states, with donations still being accepted. The proceeds will fund three stakes races for all offspring of stallions whose seasons are sold at the auction: the 2017 Iowa Stallion Futurity and one race for 3-year-olds of each sex in 2018.

A $5,000 bonus will be paid to the winner of any of the three races if the foal is conceived from a breeding season purchased at the auction. A $5,000 bonus will also be paid to the stallion donor of the winning horse in each race.

"Frequently, you might get the stallion for a lesser price than you normally get," said  ITOBA President Deb Leech. "If I live in Arizona and there's an Arizona stallion I want to breed to, I may get him for less than I'd get breeding to him in another way."

Among the highest-profile sires participating in the auction are Sidney’s Candy, Tale of Ekati, Dialed In, Einstein, Ice Box, Giant Oak, Midshipman, Swagger Jack, and Two Step Salsa.

Since going to an online bidding format in 2010, the proceeds of the annual auction have nearly doubled, going from $50,000 in 2009 to $91,220 in 2012.

"It's really made a huge difference for us," Leech said. "Since we've gone online, it's really bumped up the totals."

For a list of the stallions nominated and further details about the auction, click here.