01/08/2014 5:49PM

Iowa stallion season auction sets revenue record


The 2013 Iowa Thoroughbred Breeders and Owners Association stallion season auction set a revenue record for the fourth straight year, with 101 seasons sold for $150,700.

Revenues posted a 22 percent increase over the 2012 edition, which brought in $122,746. A total of 178 seasons were offered during the 2013 auction, and the 101 sold came from stallions standing in 14 states, with buyers from 22 states and Canada.

"It's an all-time high and we're really pleased with that," said Deb Leech, president of the Iowa Thoroughbred Breeders and Owners Association, "This was the best one yet. "The quality of the stallions was very good."

The auction has set highs each year since going to an online format in 2010. The average price of $1,492 per season sold was also a record.

"The first year, the online gave us more visibility," Leech said. "People from other states might bid on a stallion in their state. The 
last two years, what's helped even more is getting a Sidney's Candy and 
others. It lends credibility to the auction. You might get (new) people 
to look at the auction."

The 2015 offspring of the stallions participating in the auction, regardless of state foaled, will be eligible for three stakes which the auction funds – The 2017 Iowa Stallion Futurity and two 2018 races for 3-year-olds, one for colts and one for fillies. Since 2008, the Stallion Futurity and Stallion Stakes have each averaged more than $90,000 in purses. The 2015 season will be the first time the program will offer a race for 3-year-old fillies.

In addition, a $5,000 bonus will be paid to the winner of any of the three races if the foal is conceived from a breeding season purchased at the auction. Stallion donators are also eligible to receive a $5,000 bonus per race.