07/15/2015 3:14PM

Indiana Standardbred trainer gets 10-year suspension


The Indiana Horse Racing Commission has suspended a Standardbred trainer for 10 years after a horse he trained tested positive for a powerful synthetic blood-doping agent, darbepoeitin.

Trainer Bradley Moffitt accepted the suspension as part of an agreement with the commission, the IHRC said in a release. His horse tested positive for the drug after a race at Hoosier Park on May 31, 2014, according to the commission.

Moffitt had one win from 11 starts in 2014, according to harness records. His suspension will run from March 18 of this year through the same date in 2025.

Darbepoetin is a synthetic form of erythropoietin, which plays a role in the formation of oxygen-carrying red-blood cells. While it is unknown what effect the drug has on horses, blood-doping drugs such as darbepoeitin have been heavily abused in human sports. Rumors have surrounded its abuse in both Standardbred racing and Thoroughbred racing for a decade, though few positives have been found.

“I believe the 10-year suspension to be an effective deterrent,” said Joe Gorajec, the executive director of the IHRC. “Hopefully, this will cause horsemen to think twice before racing a blood-doped horse at an Indiana track.”

dave o More than 1 year ago
I,m assuming Brad Mofitt has had many violations???? that's why he got 10 years?......wish other states would follow suit,,,And they should do the same to some drivers that give NON TRYING training miles while wagered on BY THE PUBLIC
DavidM9999 More than 1 year ago
Hopefully he serves all 36,500 days. I live in Indiana. I applaud what they are doing to try to clean up things both the harness and thoroughbred sides. A couple of high profile dominant trainers are no longer racing at Indiana Downs. They took their 40% win rates and moved elsewhere. Good riddance.
mike More than 1 year ago
Well deserved