06/13/2013 3:45PM

Indiana Downs trainer banned 90 days for anti-bleeding medication


A leading trainer at Indiana Downs in Shelbyville, Ind., has been suspended 90 days after four of his horses tested positive last year for carbazochrome, an anti-hemorrhaging drug that is often administered to horses under the belief that it can reduce bleeding in the lungs.

Gary Patrick, who has started 107 horses at the current Indiana Downs meet with 18 wins, according to Equibase records, will serve the suspension beginning Aug. 22, according to the Indiana Horse Racing Commission. Under a settlement agreement he reached with the commission, Patrick, who owns most of the horses he trains, will be prohibited from transferring any of his horses to another trainer during the 90-day suspension. He was also fined $10,000.

The four horses tested positive after races held at Indiana Downs between June 25 and July 10 of last year, the state racing commission said. A subsequent search of Patrick’s barn turned up a bottle of an injectable drug, which is prohibited for trainers to possess under Indiana’s rules.

Joe Gorajec, the executive director of the Indiana commission, said the case took nearly a year to adjudicate because state rules do not allow stewards to hold hearings in cases for which the penalty will exceed 30 days. That meant Patrick’s case went through the commission, which negotiated the settlement agreement with the owner-trainer after he requested a hearing.

Carbazochrome, which is also known as Kentucky Red, is prohibited on raceday in Indiana and in nearly every other racing jurisdiction, though three states – Virginia, Louisiana, and Maryland – allow it to be administered before races. Maryland and Virginia have said that they plan to ban the raceday use of the drug by the end of the year.

Glenn Thompson More than 1 year ago
The editor at the Daily Racing Form should consider having the second page in the form as a controversy page. All the drug, cheating and suspensions printed with interesting articles and accurate reporting. People would buy the form, just to read the second page!!! Mr. Editor, wake up and help your paper before it goes out of business like many others before you!! Blood Horse and TTDN you might want to think of it as well!! Looks like you guys are going to have a lot to write about for a while. You don't have to tell anyone that I came up with the idea!! God Forbid!!
Glenn Thompson More than 1 year ago
This was one of the drugs I mentioned in my book at www.sportofkingsbook.com. It has been used on race day for years and for a long time the vets did not even know what was in it!! I don't understand why they did nothing to the vet that treated the horses. If they start taking care of business with the vets, things might start to change!!
Bryan E More than 1 year ago
Repulsive to think that he has been allowed to race horses for a year all while the stewards and commission knew what a cheat he is and they did nothing until now because the rules are all drafted in favor of the cheats and keeping the public unaware. Indiana Downs is maybe one of the most corrupt places for racing and they make it obvious almost every night. I am amazed sometimes. I bet they are disappointed they were forced to act on this at all.
Frank More than 1 year ago
I'd like to see them hold this guy down and inject a bunch of $#@$ into him! Disgrace these low lifes should never ever be allowed to be around races horses again.
606 More than 1 year ago
Another slap on the wrist. And people wonder why the game continues to decline? I think before I die, which hopefully won't be soon, I will hear someone say, "Remember when there was a sport called horse racing?"