09/20/2013 3:02PM

Indiana Downs: C.J. McMahon suspended for threatening a racing official


Jockey C.J. McMahon has been suspended until at least next week by the Indiana Downs stewards.

McMahon had a confrontation with the Indiana Downs starter Johnnie Jamison and an assistant starter Tuesday before the first race. McMahon made threatening remarks to both individuals while his mount, Dr.Kimble, was loading.

Security was called and McMahon was taken off his remaining mounts Tuesday and asked to leave the grounds.

The stewards suspended McMahon Wednesday until he could meet with them. On Friday morning McMahon met with the stewards but he will remain suspended until next week when further information can be collected and a final decision on his status is made.

Kentucky is honoring the Indiana stewards’ sanctions and McMahon, 18, will not be allowed to ride at Kentucky Downs or Churchill until the matter is resolved.