04/10/2014 5:02PM

Indiana court upholds suspension of trainer Adams


An Indiana court has upheld a 6 1/2-year suspension levied by the state’s racing commission against a trainer for neglecting a horse.

Judge Timothy Spahr of the Miami County Trial Court wrote that the commission’s staff “not only met, but exceeded, its burden of proof” of its claims against the trainer, Janey Adams. Spahr also wrote in his ruling that the length of the suspension was appropriate and “in the public interest to maintain proper control over horse racing meetings and pari-mutuel wagering.”

The commission issued the suspension in 2011 after an owner complained that Adams had neglected his horse, Tony Terrific. The commission said the horse weighed 800 pounds at the time it investigated the complaint, at least 300 pounds less than normal. The horse’s body score was a 1.5, with 1 being the lowest and 9 being the highest, and had infected wounds on the head that had not been treated.

“All trainers who are licensed by the commission must understand that neglect and abuse of any horse in their care will not be tolerated,” said Joe Gorajec, the commission’s executive director, in a statement.