07/01/2016 9:14PM

Incorrect posted finish results in multiple superfecta payouts


This article was updated at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, July 2, 2016

The New York Racing Association placing judges posted an incorrect fourth-place finisher in the eighth race at Belmont Park on Friday.

Akatea (No. 1, $3.40) won race 8. There was a dead heat for second between Now Power (4) and Jc's Shooting Star (5). The correct fourth-place finisher, according to Martin Panza, senior vice president of racing operations at NYRA, was Coming Attraction (2), but the race was made official with Paige (3) incorrectly posted in his place.

According to Jimmy Edwards, the steward representing the Jockey Club at Belmont, it is the responsibility of the placing judges to determine the correct order of finish in a race and to post the results. The stewards then make the race official.

"We asked the placing judges in the clearest language possible if the number 3 had finished fourth or if it was the 2," Edwards said. "We were told the number 3 finished fourth and made the race official. Several minutes later we were told a mistake had been made."

A decision was made to pay out on all four superfecta combinations, the two that were correct - 1-4-5-2 and 1-5-4-2 - and the two that were incorrect - 1-4-5-3 and 1-5-4-3.

The incorrect 10-cent superfecta payoffs that were made official with Paige (3) in the fourth slot remain as originally posted: 1-4-5-3 ($6.90) and 1-5-4-3 ($6.92).

Nearly two hours after the race, NYRA sent an email to wagering outlets announcing that the correct 10-cent superfectas are 1-4-5-2 ($5.70) and 1-5-4-2 ($5.85). NYRA took a financial loss by making these payouts.

"The No. 2 was originally posted as the fourth-place finisher for several minutes when the race was unofficial," Panza said. "But when the race was made official, the number 3 was incorrectly put up. We are going to have an investigation into how this happened and check our protocols, and change them as needed, so this does not happen again."

** An earlier version of this article stated that the stewards had posted the incorrect order of finish.

wlmg3 10 months ago
Was Carmine one of the stewards?  And WHY did the stewards ask in " the clearest language possible" UNLESS they were certain the result was wrong ? 
btr10000 rd 10 months ago
NYRA had maybe has the best racing in the country.   The ingredients are there.  But is the racing as competitive as it should be?  (Separate issues but i believe purse splits should have been changed when added slots money came in, perhaps 70% to win and reduced percentage for place and show)   Are problems like Fridays common?   Bettors who got paid should feel lucky.   Did they get full value or a split of funds?   Did they treat fourth like a dead heat also when they "made good" all wagers?   NYRA is the best except when it isn't.   I have reported numerous issues with Voice betting system they advertise.   Never hear back, issues not resolved.  What is your experience?  Also, on January 11, 2009, Aqueduct Race 5, I had a serious question on the official results for third and fourth.   As soon as the race ended, the dead heat sign was put up for third/fourth.  Again, immediately.   To me and many others the 7 was third and the 2 was fourth, clearly in our opinion.   But the stewards posted the dead heat sign BEFORE a photo was developed, again immediately.   Well the dead heat stood.   I wrote to Mr Hayward then.  He did write back.  But he told me that he didn't have to watch the video as I had suggested.  He trusted his stewards.   Could he have at least watched and told me I was wrong perhaps?  This dead heat probably haved the tri value with just the seven lasting for third.  Watch the video and tell me what you think?   Aren't we all  capable of mistakes?  Even Stewards?
Ray Sousa 10 months ago
Nyra and New York racing are a joke when it comes to integrity . 
Maria Chang 10 months ago
I guess Ray NEVER makes a mistake.....
Tom Fleming 10 months ago
The same type of incident happened @NYRA(I believe it was Belmont Park) around 6 years or so ago. If any of the same Stewards or placing judges who were involved in the  prior incident and were also involved in today's fiasco, he/she/or they MUST be terminated immediately, for  they are ruining the integrity of the game. Such an egregious error should NEVER happen, let alone twice in a relatively short amount of time. In the prior incident, I believe a steward/judge was suspended for a few days, which is criminal in itself. How many live tickets were trashed after NYRA posted the results as "official"? Was this done accidentally, or were these "Errors" carefully orchestrated and used to someone's advantage? Either way, this cannot be tolerated, and NYRA must take some drastic measures to ensure this type of incompetence will not and cannot happen  again.