10/26/2011 3:37PM

Illinois governor begins selecting racing board members


Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn began the process of appointing five new commissioners to the Illinois Racing Board this week.

Benjamin Reyes, William Berry, Kathy Byrne, Patricia Beauvais, and Roger Whalen, will become new members of the racing board after the gubernatorial appointment process is completed. Byrne, an owner, and Beauvais, a breeder, are the only two likely appointees who have experience in the horse industry.

The racing board officially includes 11 commissioners, but two seats have sat vacant since 2008. Four members of the previous board – chairman Joe Sinopoli, Angelo Ciambrone, Paul Smith, and Allan Monat – retain their seats. Gone from the board’s most recent roster are Jonathan Metcalfe, Michael Murphy, William Farley, and Robert Winchester.

◗ Gene Lamb, an Illinois horse owner and 10-year chairman of the Illinois Racing Board, died this week at age 82.