06/07/2013 4:24PM

Hollywood Park: Voided claim contested


INGLEWOOD, Calif. - Trainer Peter Miller is contesting the voided claim of Include the Cat here on June 2. Miller filed a complaint with the California Horse Racing Board on Thursday, alleging that state veterinarian Tim Grande had a “conflict of interest” when he placed the filly on the veterinarian’s list.

Since the board implemented a new rule in mid-May, track stewards have been required to void claims on horses who have died on the track or been found unsound after the race by state or track veterinarians. The new rule was approved by the racing board in February and enacted on May 16. Under the new rule, the new owner and trainer does not take possession of the claimed horse until it has cleared the test barn.

Include the Cat finished fourth in an optional claimer and was claimed for $40,000 by trainer Eric Guillot in a six-way shake. She was placed on the vet’s list after being observed in the test barn by Grande.

In his complaint, Miller wrote that Grande should not have had a role in deciding whether Include the Cat was unsound because he once worked as a private veterinarian for Guillot.

As a result of Grande’s decision, Include the Cat was returned to Miller and not transferred to Guillot.

In his complaint, Miller wrote that Grande’s “bias and prejudice should have kept him from being involved in the claim.”

In an interview in the stable area on Friday, Grande declined to discuss the case. He said he worked for Guillot from 2007 to 2009. He has been the state veterinarian since last July, and said he has done pre-race examinations for the racing board since January 2011.

Miller is seeking for Include the Cat to be transferred to Guillot. He acknowledged in an interview that the 6-year-old mare had “a sore foot.” He said there was “a possibility” that she could start again before end of the current meeting.

Since the rule was enacted, five claims have been voided at Hollywood Park, including Power of Nine, who finished second in a $25,000 claimer on Thursday and was vanned off.

karen More than 1 year ago
Does anyone know why Power of Nine was vanned off and how she is doing? I was following this filly's career. I had my TV on but was not watching the race. I only heard commentating afterwards.
darren g More than 1 year ago
Great rule but should be adjusted to allow the person who claims the horse to decide if he still wants the horse regardless of whether the claim will be voided.
Dave Schadick More than 1 year ago
Miller sent a horse out with a bad foot and is now complaining that he has to keep the horse he sent out sore in the 1st place? This is EXACTLY why the rule was implemented--to stop owners from claiming lame or hurt horses that trainers are running when they shouldn't. Miller ran an at least partially lame horse--he deserves to keep it. Sounds like sour grapes. As a fellow horse owner that claimed my horse a month ago, I like thre new rule.
Quite A Dude More than 1 year ago
So he worked for Guillot in the past but is currently a State Vet and independent. He also had no knowledge at the time he determined the horse unsound who had won the claim shake. My opinion is Miller will not prevail. But, heck, Miller claims the horse is sound so no problem-right?
Justin More than 1 year ago
Bad rule. Too arbitrary..