05/29/2012 5:50PM

Hollywood Park: Valenzuela must talk with stewards


INGLEWOOD, Calif. - Jockey Patrick Valenzuela must meet with Betfair Hollywood Park stewards Scott Chaney, Kim Sawyer, and Tom Ward this week before he can resume riding after a self-imposed break because of weight issues.

Valenzuela, 49, has not ridden since May 19. He took off his single mount on May 20, saying he was having difficulty making riding weight.

Valenzuela had hoped to return to riding on Thursday, but the comeback has been delayed until Sunday or June 7, pending a conversation with stewards. “We intend to hear what steps he’s taken to get his weight under control,” Chaney said on Monday.

Valenzuela, who has 1 win from 26 mounts at this meeting, said poor diet contributed to the problem. He said last week that his weight was lower after improved nutrition.


Rob Tyler More than 1 year ago
blah, blah, blah, blah same old, tired a## story, chance # 476....get this lifetime creep out of racing, no more chances for good....BUT we all know that's not happening, here's a suggestion creep, try the CIRCUS, you'll fit right in
_Mark_Hanna More than 1 year ago
first it was an entirely shaved body...then he had to go to kansas for surgery...what next?
tonyvolu More than 1 year ago
i think i would like to see a real rider at the racetrack rather than the bunch of fairplex guys plex jocks who call themselves riders.i being a horse player can handicap a little easier when pats ibn the race .taking weight off at 49 is not easy .go get em patrick
_Mark_Hanna More than 1 year ago
meet with stewards? what a joke....pat please go away....
William Hubbell More than 1 year ago
Diane and Jack, Neither of your solutions make any sense!
Diane Henkel More than 1 year ago
I think he should be required to provide a urine test before each race he is in At his expense. In November he failed to show up for mandatory testing, left the state, then announced his retirement. So he successfully beat the "system". Then when clean, announced his return to racing. Overweight? I quess so. Hard not to eat when not taking drugs that surpress the diet. But this already known. As long as the racing industry condones the fragrant abuse, they are just enablers. And they should know, as the rest of the world does, you are to stay away from the people and environments you were in while using drugs. If you want to stay clean. So it's a shame. Pat is a good jockey when clean. But he is not going to stay clean at the track, where he used drugs.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
And what would you be looking for, the presence of trace amounts of THC which last 45 days? Look, PVal has NEVER be accussed by his fellow riders of being a danger to them on the track. In fact, he has never been "busted" for showing up to work intoxicated, unlike a certain name rider who won't be riding Dullahan in the Belmont....
Jack More than 1 year ago
Why in the HELL can't they BAN this MORON that gives this GAME a Black-eye? Oh I guess he has the right to ride, DRUNK or High, the PUBLIC has NO RIGHT to ask him if he was out ALL NIGHT acting like a TEENAGER. How MANY chances does this CLOWN get? ?All the Jocks on the WEST Coast should REFUSE to ride with this "Bad Apple" BEFORE, BEFORE he gets some other JOCK KILLED...How many DUI'S can you get BEFORE they take away your license??. I blame the TRAINER'S and OWNER'S that ride this PATHECTIC BOY....
Greg Scherr More than 1 year ago
They have Jack, banned for life 2-3 times now, we and the stewards have a different definition of "lifetime" to them it means "until he asks again and threatens to sue" to us it means until he's DEAD
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Oh, he single handedly gave racing a black eye? When did you start playing this game? Maybe the other jocks are not afraid to ride with him? Ever see them boycott a race he was scheduled to ride?
Dave Schuler More than 1 year ago
here we go agatn!!hope not-lolk-pv-DS