11/22/2012 7:38PM

Hollywood Park pick six pays $6,935


INGLEWOOD, Calif. - The pick six paid $6,935 at Betfair Hollywood Park on Thursday after bettors added $2,651,873 to the pool, chasing a carryover of $560,134 from Sunday.

There were 285 winning tickets. While longshots led to the carryover, the Thursday program was largely formful.

The first three winners were the second choices in the betting – Blushing Martha ($8.20), Beau Royale ($6.80) and Private Affair ($6.60). In the seventh race, the fourth leg of the bet, Church Avenue led throughout as the favorite, paying $6.20.
The only outsider to win was Shadow Runner ($16.60) in the eighth race.

The fourth choice in the betting, Shadow Runner closed along the rail to catch 5-2 favorite A Toast To You in deep stretch of a turf race for $50,000 claimers.

In the last race, Sacred Ovation ($4.60) held off a sustained threat  from 21-1 I’ll Run the Show to win a maiden claimer over six furlongs by a nose. Sacred Ovation was favored.

Don Reed More than 1 year ago
That's one heck of a headline for a relatively tiny P6 amount of money. I don't find Gino the way Mike does, but I do find it incredible that TVG by now hasn't realized his limitations & compensate for them. If they did, Gino's talents would be better served & his growing-pains negatives would be eased; the show itself would be better. In the long term, if they stick with him, I think GB will do just fine. But for now, they don't realize that he needs compatible partners instead of the goofy mix-&-match tag teams that he ends up in (he's not the only one. The Schrupp - Carothers mismatch is violating ten or fifteen Twilight Zone copyrights). And he's got to find a vocal coach who can teach him how to speak in shorter sentences - & in several octaves, instead of that one long tone of voice that comes pretty darned close at times to being an unpleasant whine. Say TVG - how about one tiny improvement? STOP WITH THE ON-SET CAMERA CLOSEUPS. All you're doing is putting the country on notice that the drug stores could be selling a lot more hair shampoo in CA than is currently sold.
Mike More than 1 year ago
Seriously, if there's a single serious horseplayer out there that listens to anything Gino Buccola says, you deserve to lose. While I appreciate the time Gino puts in, and his efforts to cover the shifts no one else wants, his intelligent insights on races are non-existent. I'm sure there are some TVG lovers out there saying "if your so smart, why don't you get on there and give your picks" right now. Remember, these folks on TVG chose to be in those roles. As such, they open themselves up to justifiable critiques. What TVG fails to grasp and what HRTV (other than Peter Lurie) clearly understands, is those of us out here that watch these stations are horseplayers already. We tune in for race coverage and an occasional handicapping insight. If we wanted entertainment, we would go to a movie, not watch a self-indulgent clown on one of the two channels. And while I'm on this topic, any of you "on air personalities" that use the terms "yummy" and "aggressive" over and over during broadcasts, please stop!! Neither of these words has any place being used when your using it. Please stop!! On the other side of the coin, give us more Nick Hines, Paul LoDuca, Jeff Siegel, Simon Bray, Gary Mandella!! While there may be more than on this list, these folks all focus on the horse race at hand, not some fraternity house banter. All most of us want is intelligent, thoughtful, timely race coverage. We can watch the races on our computer, but choose to watch the TV coverage from time to time. At least give us a decent production, not something that should get panned on Tosh.O.
Carson Horton More than 1 year ago
What TVG fails to grasp is that viewers want to watch racing from major tracks like Churchill Downs, the Fair Grounds and Gulfstream Park, instead of being fed a steady diet of tracks like Turf Paradise and Suffolk Downs!
Mike More than 1 year ago
Carson, you're exactly right. Unfortunately, TVG fell outside the Magna and Churchill Downs empires, and is left with the remaining tracks, like the ones you listed. If they didn't have Keeneland, Del Mar and Hollywood Park, they would struggle to exist. They have NYRA tracks, but are no longer exclusive. Even with the tracks they have, they have never understood that its about the races, not about the host. Until they get that, they'll always put the cartoonish product on the screen that we see today.
Vince Lentini More than 1 year ago
I agree with you for the most part. While little Gino does have a lively show , rarely do his selections win and I mean rarely plus putting together a $48 pick 3 or 4 ticket that pays $80 and patting oneself on the back for it is comical. Outside of Hines , who is like a cartonn character, I would agree with you on the others. Really , I would love to see the interview process for Gino and the ven more comical Caleb Keller
Mike More than 1 year ago
Agreed Vince. I listed Nick Hines because I appreciate his insight into the horses appearances. He and Simon Bray are the two on TVG who can articulate if a horse looks fit on the track. Plus, give me 100 days of Nick rather than one minute of Shrupp saying "yummy." I just wish Todd would listen to himself and try to understand how much it insults our intelligence. And while I'm at it Todd, please stop saying "small field, big price" every time you get a decent priced horse in a smaller field! Fyi, I think Caleb got the job because they were looking for the tallest hair in America.
Vince Lentini More than 1 year ago
Plus is there anything sillier than Todd Schrumms pick 4 tickets... take all with all with 23456789 with 12345.....gee thanks Todd.
Don Reed More than 1 year ago
All of this is a variation on the horrible football TV booth bugs saying "we talked about," "a little bit," and "you... you... you..." (obnoxiously, incessently "coaching" the coach-potato TV audience on how to play the game) thousands of times during a single season. I can't watch TV FB any more unless the mute buton is my trusted handicapper.
Dawood K More than 1 year ago
TVG handicappers are like the guys at the other end of the phone lines at Cash Call.
Advance Plumbing More than 1 year ago
Unreal, they thought carry over, thats Hollywood Park caulk fest at its best. TVG handicappers ar nuts. singling 10-1 shots when caulk were clearly winners., an throwing out 15-1 shots that win when there 5 deep out of 8 horses anyway. California racing is turning into yuck.
Lenny Mamola More than 1 year ago
You think they want to give you winners??? They play also...Only good and honest handicapper... I have found is Jarrod Horak on Horse Racing Nation..Superstein comes in close also...I had the 6 and so did Jarrod,
Mooch J More than 1 year ago
TVG still beats Aaron on HRTV, he gives horses with no shot at all and seems to take pride in no-figure longshots
Don Reed More than 1 year ago
Aaron who?
Mike More than 1 year ago
Your the same moron that complains when the on air handicappers give out all the favorites and think they need to think outside the box and find some prices. It just sounds like a bunch of sour grapes