05/19/2013 6:18PM

Hollywood Park: New rule used for first time to void claim of unsound horse

Benoit & Associates
Plenny of Henny won the first race Sunday at Betfair Hollywood Park but was deemed unsound after the race, voiding a claim.

INGLEWOOD, Calif. – A $10,000 claim submitted for race winner Plenny of Henny in Sunday’s first race at Betfair Hollywood Park was voided after the 4-year-old gelding was ruled to be unsound in the receiving barn after the race, stewards said.

It was the first time that a new rule that took effect last Thursday was utilized, voiding the claim of a horse who dies on the racetrack or is found to be unsound by the official or state veterinarian immediately after the race. The California Horse Racing Board passed the rule earlier this year.

Plenny of Henny was observed to be unsound in the backstretch test barn after Sunday’s first race and was placed on the veterinarian’s list by state veterinarian Tim Grande, according to steward Kim Sawyer. As a result, Plenny of Henny remains in the possession of a partnership and trainer Bill Spawr and was not transferred to owners Phil Bongiovanni and Mary Ellen West and trainer Ted H. West, who submitted the claim.

The transfer to the new stable would have taken place after Plenny of Henny left the test barn, Sawyer said.

“This is the first time we’ve had it implemented,” Sawyer said. “We voided it on the recommendation of the state vet when he informed us that the horse would go on the vet’s list.”

Plenny of Henny won Sunday’s first race by 2 1/4 lengths, closing from seventh in a field of eight. Plenny of Henny, the 2-1 favorite, has won 6 of 19 starts and $148,250.

Diego Garcia More than 1 year ago
Good for HP!
Susan Crane-Sundell More than 1 year ago
I have a rather naive question, but what about the welfare of a horse that was raced and then proven unsound after a race? Do we rely on the current owners who were trying to sell the horse to look after the welfare of that horse? What safequards are available for that horse? His/her fate is horribly questionable under either of these scenarios. Yeah I know I'm one of those uppity horse welfare types, but shouldn't there be some stipulation on behalf of the horse that a horse that is unsound and not allowed to be transferred only be sent back to an owner if proper medical care is indeed mandated? Otherwise a rescue organization should be included in this protocol. Our sport has enough bad press, this makes it appear even more inhumane than it already is at the lower level tracks. Could someone please respond to this? Much appreciated.
Lawrence Redding More than 1 year ago
Another stupid rule ,joining uncoupled entries, and stewards interpretations , of disqualifications .A foul is a foul period, not their opinions of whether it affected the placings or not. What ever happened to the 30 day rule of running the claimed horse back at the same price or lower ? The claim game worked under the old rules , go back in time, if a horse is racing sound going into the gate , and comes out he yours there after.
Tony Volu More than 1 year ago
where were they years ago when i claimed a bunch of cripples
Jack Nardi More than 1 year ago
More BS from the California Racing Board, a bunch of Morons who know nothing about racing. They have reduced California racing to the worst in the country with their stupid rules and high take outs, there doomed.
MD23 More than 1 year ago
No matter what the claiming rule is, people will be against it. it's never going to be perfect. For example, my belief is that if a horse is euthanized, then the claim should be voided. However, if the horse comes up unsound after a race, then the claim should NOT be voided and still be given to the trainer/owner who claimed it. The claiming game is a risk. The death of a horse....ok, maybe there can be an exception for that. You shouldn't have to pay money for a dead horse. But unsoundness isn't as bad. Just because they're unsound doesn't mean they can't race again with time off, use them for breeding if a filly or mare, etc. They can still be useful. HOWEVER, there will be people that don't agree with me and argue that my theory is wrong too. At the same time, as well, this is a horse who used to run at higher levels and now is at the very bottom at the So. Cal circuit. Is this the first time an 8,000 claiming horse like this is unsound/sore? The owners/trainer who claims this horse should know the risks by taking a chance with a horse at this condition.
MD23 More than 1 year ago
*10,000 claimer. My mistake
Thomas Cook More than 1 year ago
Sure. The state vet was given an envelope. In the test barn? Or in the morning check " just in case".... come on folks. This isn't GOODFELLAS or 1960's Chicago. Its modern racing. New rules.
Babette Cade More than 1 year ago
That's right. 1960's Chicago is in D.C., not L.A.
Lawrence Vaccarelli More than 1 year ago
you know what this does ? ships all those horses out of state...smaller fields for you and smaller pools.............less money for your degenerate state....not that mine is any different or better...in fact the country would be better off if the left coast and the east coast both fell into the ocean...middle America has it about right.
Lawrence Vaccarelli More than 1 year ago
no wonder California racing is going down the tubes....soon there will be no losers in the race ...to protect the emotional state of the poor horses who cant cope with losing...or the emotional stigma of being an also ran...good grief you racing people in la la fornia are totally out of it...were all laughing at you ...not with you.
Margaret Cowan More than 1 year ago
Good rule, and good enforcement. Claiming races were never meant to be dumping grounds. If a state vet rules a horse unsound, I trust them. They are always very reluctant to do so. Good job, fellas.