Updated on 01/17/2013 5:51PM

Hollywood Park commits to running fall meet


ARCADIA, Calif. – Betfair Hollywood Park will run a fall meeting in November and December, ending months of speculation whether the track would continue to conduct racing or be closed for development at the end of the summer.

In a brief speech to the racing board, track president Jack Liebau said, “We can confirm that Hollywood Park will run the fall dates.”

The seven-week fall meeting is scheduled from Nov. 6 through Dec. 22.

Liebau did not state whether the track would operate in 2014, or be closed and developed for residential and commercial uses.

After Thursday’s meeting, he said that Hollywood Park’s decision to race this fall was “a close call.”

Liebau said that Hollywood Park officials reached the decision at the end of December after holding discussions with Los Alamitos owner Ed Allred about a potential expansion of his Orange County track.

“Dr. Allred said he would need more time,” Liebau said.

Los Alamitos officials have expressed an interest in expanding its five-eighth-mile track and building additional stables to accommodate Thoroughbred racing in the event of Hollywood Park’s closure, but has not released any formal plans. Los Alamitos would need approximately 12 months to complete the expansion, according to a person familiar with the potential plans.

There is a chance that Fairplex Park in Pomona could expand its facility to accommodate a longer meeting.

Hollywood Park’s decision was met with support from the Thoroughbred Owners of California.

“We hope they run beyond 2013,” TOC president Lou Raffetto told the racing board.

“We think it’s important that the industry in general specifically focus on 2014. We need to look ahead. There are no formal proposals with Los Al and Fairplex. We continue to have discussions with those entities.”

Marcus Semona More than 1 year ago
I love Hollywood Park and the city of Inglewood, I hope Hollywood stays around for a good long time.
Nick Arden More than 1 year ago
I like Hollywood Park but you can have the city of Inglehood.
John More than 1 year ago
Anytime the CHRB gets involved "whoaa nelliee" watch out, the idiots are running the farm and the ship is sinking ! What other group would disolve the parlay bet, which was putting $8000-$12,000 into each race, and leave the Quinella, which sometimes get up to $2000 ! Its called greed, a mad mans disease when he gets power and is a fool !
kingsailor2 More than 1 year ago
Although it is a little beat up, Hollywood Park is a true American gem and a historic tribute to the 1930's. We'll never have another masterpiece track like this one in a big urban area. If they agree to remain open in 2013, could they please trim the trees in the paddock at least?
Bob Seba More than 1 year ago
I feel for you all, all I can think of is Garden State Park. I'll always remember, as a young kid, watching Secretariat in 1972..
Bruce Epstein More than 1 year ago
Lou Raffetto could not run Suffolk Downs properly, now he's TOC president in CA, CA owners must have not done any due dilliegenc on him. After Suffolk, he ran MD racing for that Canadian Crook who took everyone's money and tanked. Frank Stronach. I now know why CA racing is the pits. Loozers from top to bottom.
Clyde Veltmann More than 1 year ago
FYI - close to 200 graded stakes in southern Cal each year....Loozers??? I think not.
michael More than 1 year ago
I pray this beautiful and historical track remains open for years. There are enough malls and hotels and condos, and it would be a shame to have only one meet left at HP or BHP, as it is now known. Lakes and Flowers, you can't beat it. .
Gerard Doise More than 1 year ago
If the CHRB would let them go back to dirt they would. State racing rules state all major tracks must have synthetic surfaces. Santa Anita was allowed to return to dirt due to drainage problems of a poorly installed synthetic surface. There is currently a class action suit against the CHRB. I wish they would let them go back to dirt. Glad they will run.
Victor More than 1 year ago
Of the many things that are terrific about Betfair Hollywood Park the track surface may be the best. Horses, horseman and bettors rarely if ever agree on anything. All three groups seem to be untited that BHP has one of the best racing surfaces in the country.
JDS0810 More than 1 year ago
Go figure...
Nathan More than 1 year ago
good. now get rid of the a.w. and bring the b. cup there. much , much nicer than s.a. and a much better turf course.
Nick Arden More than 1 year ago
There isn't a single thing nicer at Hollywood than Santa Anita unless you count being closer to a lame casino.