12/16/2012 6:31PM

Hollywood Park: Carrero suspended for striking agent with whip


Jockey Victor Carrero has been suspended for 30 days by Hollywood Park stewards Scott Chaney, Kim Sawyer, and Tom Ward after striking a jockey’s agent with a whip in an incident in the barn area in late November.

The incident stemmed from a dispute that Carrero had with agent Derek Lawson about a potential mount.

The suspension, announced on Saturday, runs through Jan. 13. Before being allowed to resume riding, Carrero must sign a drug and alcohol testing agreement with the California Horse Racing Board, enter into a contract with the Winners’ Foundation, attend anger management classes, and participate in a fitness for license hearing, according to the ruling.

The Winners’ Foundation aids people in California horse racing with substance abuse issues. The Winners’ Foundation is likely to require that Carrero undergo counseling, stewards said on Sunday.

Carrero, 32, has had little impact on the sport in California in recent weeks. At the Hollywood Park fall meeting that ended on Sunday, Carrero was winless with four mounts. His last win was at the Big Fresno Fair in October.