Updated on 07/20/2011 2:56PM

Hollywood Park: California Racing Board will investigate incorrect superfecta payoff


INGLEWOOD, Calif.- The California Horse Racing Board has launched an investigation into the circumstances that led to wagers being cashed on the wrong combination in Saturday’s Grade 2 A Gleam Handicap at Hollywood Park.

Initially, the tote board showed a winning combination of 5-4-8-7 by Irish Gypsy, Ultra Blend, Tanda, and Washington Bridge. But after a review from stewards and placing judges, the mistake was caught. Mildly Offensive was the actual fourth-place finisher. The correct winning combination was 5-4-8-6.

Mildly Offensive finished a nose in front of Washington Bridge for fourth place.

The incorrect information was posted on the tote board and on television monitors for approximately two minutes before racing officials caught the mistake, according to stewards. During those two minutes, $2,588 was paid out on the incorrect combination at racetracks and simulcast locations in California, according to Hollywood Park officials.

It was not known how many dollars was paid out on the incorrect combination at venues outside of California, track officials said.

 “The minute we noticed it we called mutuels and had them stop and recalculate and had them put up the correct number,” said steward Kim Sawyer.

The incorrect combination was displayed as a payoff of $847.80 for $1. Most superfecta tickets are sold in 10-cent increments, which would have been worth $84.78 on the incorrect combination. The $1 payoff on the correct combination was $611.30, or $61.13 for $10 cents.

In a statement on Sunday, the racing board said an investigation will be launched  followed by the publication of findings in an official report.