07/02/2013 3:00PM

Hollywood Park: Batti Man could pressure Game On Dude in Gold Cup

Barbara D. Livingston
Game On Dude will have to carry 127 pounds in the Hollywood Gold Cup.

INGLEWOOD, Calif. – Game On Dude may have company up front when he starts as the 127-pound highweight Saturday in the Hollywood Gold Cup.

Trainer Dan Hendricks said early this week he planned to enter front-runner Batti Man, who was assigned 113 pounds for the Gold Cup.

He is a welcome addition for four others that otherwise would have been chasing a loose-on-the-lead Game On Dude.

“I think we’re going to run,” Hendricks said. “We’ll make our decision Wednesday, but we are out of spots and need a race. It’s a short field, with one speed horse.”

Make that two. Batti Man is expected to set the pace, with Game On Dude in close pursuit. Batti Man has earned $55,940 in five starts since Hendricks claimed him for $32,000 in January. After winning a second-level allowance May 17, Batti Man finished fifth in the Grade 2 Californian last out.

Hendricks could employ an ambitious strategy with Batti Man, assigned 14 pounds fewer than Game On Dude.

“I think we need to be more the aggressor,” Hendricks said.

A field of six is expected to enter the Gold Cup. In addition to Game On Dude and Batti Man, others expected are Clubhouse Ride and Liaison (119 pounds); Kettle Corn (116); and Oilisblackgold (115).

Golden Ticket will pass the race, according to trainer Ken McPeek. All Squared Away also is expected to pass, trainer Peter Miller said.

DavidC More than 1 year ago
After review of the official field entries in the Hollywood Gold Cup at 10 furlgs the pace for the event I believe will get heated from the very start. A test of speed and stamina is the order of the race and hope that Game On Dude just sits behind who ever wants the early lead and give it up in the later stages of the race coming down the lane. However, the other two entries Kettle Corn and Oilisblackgold are certainly a threat to the favorite here for a upset!, he's vulnerable at the distance!. I'll go for a more better price on this one!
Meydan Rocks More than 1 year ago
Bugsy, it got through because the vettors didn't know.
B More than 1 year ago
Another towering favorite in a small field, but they are not doing so well lately, and he's never won carrying this much weight, so while I hope he wins, I wouldn't bet on him. Better race than the pathetic Swaps though. Chief Havoc may have a future, but even if he wins this 4 horse race, what will it prove? What's happening to California racing?!
Perl More than 1 year ago
Good point. Well now you know at least part of the reason Hollywood is closing. I think it may have something to do with takeout. I know someone out there who put a lot of money through the windows but took his money elsewhere when takeout rates became exorbitant.
Dee R. Eff More than 1 year ago
Dude may lose, but if he does it will be for other reasons than the paltry 127.
B More than 1 year ago
Today's weight assignments are beyond ridiculous. I don't know why they just don't get rid of handicaps. In any event, he's 0 for 4 at 126, so while I may agree with you about the paltry 127, I'm hopeful, but not confident..
Bugsy Anderson More than 1 year ago
unreal..... how does this name even get thru? Batti Man is a homophobic insult in the Caribbean islands
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So what.
Bugsy Anderson More than 1 year ago
So what? Ummmmm ok, how about we just toss in racial slurs and other homophobic slurs.
ted More than 1 year ago
Starr D More than 1 year ago
You cannot knock a horse for who shows up (or doesn't show up) to run against them.
Jordan More than 1 year ago
Game on Dude has not had problems in the past when faced with cheaper speed. That happened in last year's Gold Cup when Spud Spivens decided to go with Dude early. How about Dude's last race, when Percussion went with him, or the San Antonio when Basmati went with him. And it's not like Dude has to have the lead to win; it's just that's how he's been ridden in a number of races. The one possible danger for Dude with Batti Man in the race is if Batti goes out and runs an unexpected and unintended 46 for the half. Because you know Baffert is going to drill in Mikey to be aggressive, Mikey is not going to let Batti Man get very far ahead. In this scenario, if Mikey doesn't sense the pace is that fast, the Dude could find himself having to dig very deep when Clubhouse Ride comes calling on the turn. Whatever the ultimate effect, it's probably for the best that Batti Man is in the field. His presence gives the race a much more interesting pace dynamic. Grade 1s shouldn't be a walk in the park. And by carrying 127 lbs, and having a pace challenger, Game on Dude will have to run some to beat Clubhouse Ride and even Liaison.
Randy Baker More than 1 year ago
Always fun when the dude shows up
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am not a Dude fan or even a Baffert fan, but you cannot fault either here. It's the Gold Cup and they are in it. It's up to others to come of and enter their horses. I blame Lopresti, he should've brought Successful Dan to the race, the horse likes synthetic, likes a distance. Why not run here? Dan has not won a G1, this would've been a great opportunity. And a better betting race for the horseplayers.
John Stevelberg More than 1 year ago
And they complain about the horses WD faces !!!
therealdubwhite More than 1 year ago
Game on Dude is Running in a Grade 1 race in open company at 10 furlongs. Understand simply put that those are two things that Wise Dan doesn't do.
Vinod Jhangimal More than 1 year ago
Wise Dan is also running in open company G1 races, but at 8 furlongs. Why is it that the critics all want Wise Dan to run 10F in dirt but no one says GoD or Ft.Larned should run at 8F on turf? That WD ran the CrackerJacks Hándicap as a training race to bigger races should be of no importance.He still gave ALL of them more than 10lbs allowance.and it sets him up for the other races to come. I wanted WD to run in the Shoemaker Mile, but don't tell me that the fields GoD is running against is that much better than what WD has been facing his entire career.
Perl More than 1 year ago
You're beating a dead horse. The real dub white believes that a horse must run 10 or more furlongs to be considered a good horse. As for his comment about "open company," your guess is as good as mine as to what the heck he is talking about. Maybe he thinks a turf race is not open company. Who knows?
Jim Qaukey More than 1 year ago
No one is complaining about the horses and the field that Wan Dan run in , Dan runs in open company grade 2 and whoever wants to face him can just bring it, just like the Dude runs in open company grade 1 so if they want to face him than it's Game On ! , what we complain about with Dan is that it's the same old song we hear them play every time they hit the track it's the TURF !! And it's a MILE , nothing new same old same old A MILE !!!!! We all know he is the very best that distance , show us what we don't know !! Run pass a mile against a good field or the best horses in the country , like the Dude has proven .
Perl More than 1 year ago
The Woodford Reserve was 9f. Wise Dan won by 4.75 lengths.
Jim Qaukey More than 1 year ago
Like I said grade 2 against who ? A mediocre Field , have him run a grade 1 at distance against good horse , NOT !!!!!!
Perl More than 1 year ago
The Woodford Reserve is a Grade One. So let's see. You were wrong about him running only a mile and you were wrong about him not running in G1s. In fact, the Firecracker was his first non Grade One in 4 or 5 races. And guess what, Game on Dude runs in non Grade Ones as well.
Jim Qaukey More than 1 year ago
U must be drinking to much of that Wis Dan drink , the Woodford Reserve at Saratoga is a grade 2 , I'm not going to give Dan anything he will have to earn it , try again show us race fan a grade 1 win pass a mile like I said , Not !!!! It's a mile , it's a mile grade 1 but can't run pass that in a grade 1 ,but the dude can and has and will again !! Game On
Perl More than 1 year ago
You're confused. The Woodford Reserve is a G1 9f race run at CD right before the Derby.
Vinod Jhangimal More than 1 year ago
Mr. Jim, Wise Dan beat Animal Kingdom and Obviously in last year's BC Mile. Was scheduled to run against Point of Entry this year at 9f and POE was a late scratch. The owners are not ducking anyone. You want that they pay the entry and travel fees for their foes just to satisfy a subjective notion of what a championship race is? They are also not going to run their horse in a 10 or 12 furlong race, just as they would not consider running him in a 6 furlong race. This idea that champions should run 10F and on dirt to actually be considered champions is extremely narrow-minded. By your logic, and all others who embrace that notion, it would be akin to meaning that Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, the Klitschko brothers and James Buster Douglas are all champions, but Sugar Ray Leonard, Oscar de la Hoya, Floyd Mayweather AND Roberto "Manos de Piedra" Duran are not. There are champions in many categories just as there are champions in many distances and many surfaces. Ask Pete Sampras, who was an absolutely amazing champion if he will ever go into the Hall of Fame based on his French Open results. We are seeing a very special horse in Wise Dan. Let's enjoy it while we can.
Big Bob More than 1 year ago
Jim, you must be drinking too much this early in the morning...especially if your on the west coast.