05/13/2012 5:25PM

Hollywood Park: Baffert reportedly will no longer give mounts to Garcia

Shigeki Kikkawa
Martin Garcia won three races for trainer Bob Baffert on Saturday, but that may be the end of their relationship.

Drill won Saturday's Laz Barrera Stakes while  ridden by jockey Martin Garcia, who was aboard three winners for Baffert on Saturday at Hollywood Park. But it appears it will be the last time they team together in the immediate future.

Baffert told the Paulick Report website on Sunday that he no longer intends to ride Garcia because the rider did not appear for morning workouts last week and that Garcia said he wants to take mounts for other stables.

Garcia declined to comment between races on Sunday. His agent, Jim Pegram, would not elaborate on the dispute.

 “We won three races for him on Saturday,” Pegram said. “I don’t want to comment. I don’t really have anything to say. I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Garcia has ridden nine stakes winners for Baffert this year, including Eden’s Moon in the Grade 1 Las Virgenes Stakes at Santa Anita in March.

Garcia rode the Baffert-trained Ellafitz to two stakes wins at Santa Anita earlier this year.

Ellafitz starts in the $150,000 Marjorie Everett Handicap at Hollywood Park next Saturday, and will be ridden by Rafael Bejarano, another rider who frequently works horses and rides for Baffert.

Sunday at Hollywood Park, jockey Martin Pedroza was booked to ride the Baffert-trained Ranchero, a 5-year-old horse whom Garcia rode to a maiden win in his last start.

Julian Brown More than 1 year ago
Garcia would have won the Preakness -- he tends to float runners out in the stretch which would have made it tougher on I'll Have Another, since the rail was deep. Smith is a money rider, but he missed an opportunity.
Karem Bustillos More than 1 year ago
F BB! Let's get that on a Hollywood park promotional hat hand-out. Way to go Garcia No jockey should limit themselves to just one trainer or be ousted for taking different options, isn't that how the game plays, trainers knocking jocks off, jocks going to different trainers, options that agents work for their jockies. May no other jockey be enchanted by Bob's falseness & silver hair.
Brent Palmer More than 1 year ago
Huge pat on the back to Garcia. This is a simple case of bizISbiz. Theres a simple term used in this game, and apparently it is no where to be found in Baffert's vocabulary - Loyalty. Martin has obviously woken to the fact that he was used for training puproses, which makes sense being that he is still a young and up and coming rider. I've read a grip of comments on other sites, all point to the public losing respect for the great silver haired trainer. The 2010 KY Derby delivered the parting of ways of Gomez and Baffert. The wife's mouth didn't stop after the race; Lucky drew a horrible post #1 - They took it out on Gomez. I don't think BB had Bejarano or Garcia in mind for Bodemeister's derby, period. Mike Smith, sure great HOF rider, but they all mistakes. He knows/admitted to making the mistake of putting Zenyatta too far back, period. Go watch the teary post-race interiew before post your rebutal. If Baffert uses Talamo over Bejarano from here on, that just furthering the downsides of this stable, IMO. Bejarano has had little acknowledgement through all this, and has provided the stable with much success, as has Garcia. Rafael is far more further along of becoming a journeyman rider than Talamo will ever be at that age. Get back to the program, Bob, theres still life after expensive medical procedures!
Mark More than 1 year ago
About 10 years ago, my trainer and Bob Baffert were talking and my trainer really wanted to claim a horse in a $50K claiming race. My trainer dealt mainly with lower level claiming horses and couldn't find a owner willing to claim the horse for $50K. He told Bob about the horse and Baffert replied in his trademark smartass way, "I can't get the money together either" and started laughing. The racetrack media talks about Baffert like he's this incredibly nice guy, but he really isn't. I guess his near death episode in Dubai didn't do much to change the way he treats people.
LadyZen More than 1 year ago
A jockey such as Martin Garcia can has two paths to choose. He sticks with Baffert and probably has consistent rides, or can ride for other trainers and try his luck at keeping rides. It is a decision all jockeys have to make and there is no correct answer. I'm sure Baffert is a tough guy to work for; you have to produce results and have a good work ethic. The reward for this is a ride and a possible win in grade 1 events which I'm sure most jockeys would not turn down.
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
You mean kow tow to Baffert, or live like a man...
julien richards More than 1 year ago
Sorry Steve Szymanski, but Mike Smith did give the great mare Zenyatta a bad ride in the breeders cup.
Morris More than 1 year ago
its not an easy row to hoe, whether you are a jockey or a trainer. when you are dealing with grade 1 horses & in front of the public 24 -7 & srutinized for ever decision that you make. a good stable jockey ,can be the back bone of the whole stable operation. however young &upcoming, ambitious riders are seldom satisified to take a "whats best for the stable" attitude. having said that, on the other hand, its a hard sell to most owners, when you go to putting young & inexperinced riders on class horses. bob baffert showed a lot of confidence in martin garcia when he put him on" looking at lucky" last year @ this time. how ever it worked out good for all. i smelled a rat back early ( in bob & martins relationship), when bob started useing a lot of different riders. but from bafferts point of view, its hard to use a young rider {who wont show up } when your phone is ringing 24 /7, & its the top jockeys of the nation, agents. and they are wanting to ride for you. and as far as mike smiths ride on bodemiester . i am pretty sure baffert told mike to "letem roll" "makem come catch you ". here is something you probaly dont know ,unless you have ridden races. the GREATEST FEELING in the world is to be at the head of the lane on a horse thats closeing hard. the worst feeling in the world is @ the head of the lane on a horse that all in , & stopping. dont be to judgemental until you have ridden a mile in a jockeys boots. now ill go back to being "an ole railbird'.
Geral John Pinault More than 1 year ago
Bravo for Garcia striking out to find greener pastures! A jock cannot limit themselves to just one trainer, even if his last name is Baffert or Asmussen!
st More than 1 year ago
Martin Garica with or without Baffert is a Top Jockey. He's still young, he will still have a soild career
walter goode More than 1 year ago
winning the pimlico special on endorsement would be a nice start
Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
baffert is a great trainer but he has some serious shortcomings as a human being,that said jockeys have to be kept on a short leach,if allowed to much liberty they will kill a stable,i personaly just dont like the me me only atitude of people like mr baffert and all the self promotion that goes with it but theres no denying that he is one talented ass@#$,the work he has done with many horse is remarkable he turned( first dude) into a win machine ,and theres no better 3 yos classics trainer out there,i guess no ones perfect.
Stargazer46 More than 1 year ago
That me me attitude has a lot to do with the them them owners. Baffert is notorious for his hard work ethic; which probably explains his heart attack. Supposedly, if he feels you are not part of the team, you are for sure not part of the team. No yelling, no screaming, no job. Garcia decided to spread his wings....Baffert just giving him the opportunity to see if he can fly.
TAZ More than 1 year ago
Well thats what happens when you get a little success He proub would of WON on mike smith's mount still can't forgive for the terrible ride on Zenyadda,But dont be folled with Rafael Bejarano one of the Best riders in the world in my oppion. good luck R B..
steve szymanski More than 1 year ago
Terrible ride on Zenyatta????? She went her normal 1:13 and change. Too bad it put her 15 behind the boys. Learn to handicap. Blame was the greattest thing since the wheel. As for the jockey thing....You can put a monkey on their backs and the horses stil would get home first. After all - When they fall off the horse, it manages to circle the track, race near the rail and usually pass at about the top of the stretch and win. Again - thanks for supporting my way of life. Take lots of money on preakness Day. LOL...Here's a tip..... LEARN PACE & WIN !!!!! Bodemeister CAN NOT win the Preakness. He is spent. I'll have another and maybe Went the Day Well. Brrrrrrr. It's a cold winner for sure.