12/06/2011 5:02PM

Hollywood: Bejarano back to work

Benoit & Associates
Rafael Bejarano

INGLEWOOD, Calif. - Jockey Rafael Bejarano resumed working horses on Tuesday after taking Monday off to rest a foot injured during a race on Sunday, according to his agent, Joe Ferrer.

Bejarano took off his final three mounts on Sunday’s program after his mount bumped with a rival in the day’s fifth race, causing the jockey to lose his irons. During the bumping incident, the other rider’s iron struck the top of Bejarano’s foot, causing considerable pain. Bejarano rode one more race before taking off the rest of the day.

The jockey was taken to a local hospital for X-rays, which were negative. “It was just a bad bruise,” Ferrer said. “The doctor told him to stay off of it for 24 hours.”