Updated on 05/01/2012 2:29PM

Hollywood: Acclamation's Tuesday work canceled; comeback on hold

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Acclamation is "off" on his left side, according to trainer Don Warren.

INGLEWOOD, Calif. – A puzzling issue related to the left front leg of Acclamation has indefinitely postponed the comeback of the 2011 champion older male.

Acclamation scratched from the Grade 3 Inglewood Handicap on April 27 at Hollywood Park with concerns regarding his soundness. Acclamation resumed galloping over the weekend, and plans called for a Tuesday workout at Hollywood and a possible start Saturday in the Grade 2 Mervyn LeRoy Handicap.

Trainer Don Warren called off the workout, and the race, after Acclamation did not jog well early this week at his Santa Anita base.

“We still don’t know what it is that is that is keeping him ‘off’ on the left side,” Warren said Tuesday. “He galloped fine Monday morning, but when we took him out later and jogged up and down the road, he was a little bit short on the left side.”

A second set of X-rays taken Monday did not reveal the problem.

“There’s no heat, no filling anywhere, and the leg looks perfect,” Warren said. “We think it’s in the lower part of the leg somewhere.”

Acclamation had a right front foot bruise in late 2011 that knocked him from Breeders’ Cup consideration. The current problem area is on the left.

“We’re still kind of looking,” Warren said. “We have no plans to work or run any time soon. We’ll give him a few days off and try again.”

Acclamation won five graded stakes in 2011 including three Grade 1’s. A 6-year-old by Unusual Heat, Acclamation has won nine races and $1,628,048 from 28 starts.

Jordan More than 1 year ago
If Warren was being cryptic, he wouldn't have mentioned the horse being off at all, especially with no x-ray proof. I understand the "trainer talk" some get frustrated with, but usually that happens when a trainer offers too little, denies, and continues to insist everything seems ok even though works and/or races are being missed. Warren could have used a number of "trainer talk" excuses to miss the Inglewood, such as rain earlier in the week. He could have then said that without the Inglewood, their schedule has changed and they are going to approach the horse's training differently, and never mentioned his feeling that something could be off. Sometimes trainers won't publicize their concerns about a horse's health until it can be verified. Warren is being straight here. There is no documented evidence the horse is not 100%, so if Warren wanted he could easily deny any concerns and offer other excuses for any changes in the horse's training. But he isn't. He could have even entered Acclamation in the Mervyn LeRoy with basically no intention to run, and then offered an excuse like the horse "sneezed" the morning of the race. But he didn't. I don't see any deception. Whatever is the matter with Acclamation it is probably very minor and only something a man with the experience and personal knowledge of the horse that Mr. Warren possesses could detect.
nancyb More than 1 year ago
I think that Warren is being as straightforward as he can be. The horse is off, they don't know what's wrong and they're going to wait and see. What else can you ask? I consider that Acclamation was a realistic candidate for HOY, so I can understand that they might not want to retire him without knowing for sure what's wrong and what the prognosis might be.
Michael Ciasca More than 1 year ago
Enough is enough already. Please retire this horse before something catastropic happens to him. Acclamation has done enough racing, respect him & don't be selfish.
Guy More than 1 year ago
Trainer talk, trainer talk, it's a wonder you can walk...
Renuncia Cupelluni More than 1 year ago
Would you prefer to see him break down in the race?
Guy More than 1 year ago
Just would like trainers to tell the truth. It is a rare quality for many of them. Do not assume things my dear. I hope they retire him NOW...and he lives a long and happy life away from needles and medication just so he can race. This amazing horse owes NOTHING to anyone.
Rachel Harding More than 1 year ago
I understand your comment completely. just got done reading an article on Melodeeman and what his necropsy revealed. such a dang shame
David Rose More than 1 year ago
Hey Guy, as a trainer I can assure you that it's not always easy to determine where a horse is lame every time! So unless you know exactkly what your talking about, don't assume that Donald Warren is giving the press the runaround.
Guy More than 1 year ago
As a Trainer David...you KNOW in your heart when there is a problem...more often than not, the problem is severe or career ending. The majority of Trainer's are experts in "Trainer Talk". It is one of the major disappointments in the industry. As a Trainer..you are quite aware of that.
Elizabeth More than 1 year ago
Having worked many years with racehorses, I can tell you, Guy, that often it is unknown what is going on with a horse when they're a little "off." Sometimes it can be like finding a needle in a haystack to figure out the cause of the problem and can take weeks/months. If you don't believe me, may I remind you of Uncle Mo last year. It took them over seven weeks to even begin to figure what was wrong with him. Yes, there is some "trainer" talk. It's a secretive business sometimes. You don't want your competition to know what's going on day to day with differing horses. It's not their business, so why advertise it? Warren, IMO, is doing the right thing for this great champion. I'd rather he be cautious and take the time to figure out what's wrong than to risk running him and losing him with a catastophic breakdown. Dude, this game isn't all about you.
David Rose More than 1 year ago
Well said Elizabeth! Mr. Warren hasn't been secretive...he has said that his horse is not sound at this point and they have scrapped all plans until diagnosing the problem. There are so many different issues that are hard to detect immediately...but at least he recognizes there's a problem. Speculation on my part, say the horse has a hairline fracture in his leg. Even though he Xrays clean now, he may not 2 weeks from now. That's how complex these things get Guy.