02/05/2013 9:55AM

Hearing officer upholds Kentucky decision to deny Dutrow a license


LEXINGTON – A hearing officer in Kentucky has upheld a decision by the licensing committee of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission to deny a racing license to the embattled trainer Richard Dutrow Jr.

The ruling, issued Monday, is largely moot because Dutrow has had his license revoked in New York and is no longer training. Still, the hearing officer’s ruling is noteworthy in establishing the grounds on which the licensing committee can deny licenses to trainers and other racing participants.

The hearing officer, Robert Layton, wrote that Dutrow’s long history of violations and conflicting testimony during a hearing in April 2011 provided ample grounds for the committee to deny the license, citing the powers granted to the racing commission. Referencing multiple occasions when Dutrow admitted to collecting payments from owners while under suspension and his failure to list criminal convictions on his license application, Layton wrote that Dutrow’s history included acts that “would have been noteworthy as corrupt even in the olden days of the wild west, and cannot have any allowed place in any modern racing jurisdiction.”

The licensing committee denied the application several months after the New York State Racing and Wagering Board suspended Dutrow for 10 years. Dutrow immediately appealed that ruling, and he continued to train until January of 2013, when he had exhausted all of his appeals in the New York court system.