09/15/2016 1:52PM

Hawthorne: Saturday 9/17 Analysis


Race 7 - $20,000 Guaranteed Pick Four Pool


Spot Play: DUNESIDE SPORT (3rd)

Race 1

(7) LOUSCHIPHER freshman trotter picked a perfect time of year to be at his best.  The 2-year-old comes into the race off a huge win in the final and will look to keep it going.  (6) LOUGAZI is probably close in ability to the top choice; threat.  (5) MATT Q had little chance from the worst post last week.  The trotting gelding looked to be one of the best early in the season.

Race 2

(7) FOX VALLEY REGGIE has been facing tougher competition.  The pacer is one of few contenders in the race.  (2) FOX VALLEY JETER put in a good effort last week just missing.  (3) UPTOWN SLEAZE picks up a positive driver change for proven connections.

Race 3

(8) DUNESIDE SPORT has been sneaky sharp for awhile now.  The pacer looks to offer excellent value.  (1) WINNING DREAM pacer has also been sharp for a hot barn.  (7) SUMMER SHANDY is inconsistent from week to week.  His best effort puts him on the ticket.

Race 4

(4) FOX VALLEY SPARTY blew a golden chance for a nice payday in the consolation last week making a break.  The pacer's effort the start prior would beat this bunch.  (3) SPIRITED ENCOUNTER is in the exact same boat as the top choice; threat.  (1) FOX VALLEY HOSS gets the best post coming off a win against weaker.

Race 5

(2) DINKY DUNE has been knocking heads with tough customers all year long.  The pacer finds a soft spot to get back on track.  (5) RED HOT ART well bred pacer has finally started to figure things out winning three straight.  The 4-year-old takes a big step up but might be able to handle it.  (6) THAT MAN OF MINE pacer is probably better used underneath unless the top choices falter.

Race 6

(4) FOX VALLEY NEMITZ freshman pacer had no chance last start in the final.  The driver somehow got shuffled back going for $100K.  I look for a more aggressive steer this time out.  (6) GABE HENRY has been the best most of the year and just needed a few more steps last week.  (5) FOX VALLEY HERBIE Incredible Finale champ will look to make it three straight wins.

Race 7

(1) MYSTICAL WALTER has been very close at this level; versatile.  (7) AIMO HANOVER is having a career year but could need a start over the track; short price.  (3) HOLDINGALLTHECARDS pacer is very fast when healthy.  The seven-year-old picks up a huge driver change.

Race 8

(7) BESTNOTLIE HANOVER well bred pacer will offer a great price in a tough race to gauge.  (1) FOX VALLEY ELIJAH should be much closer turning for home this week.  (5) OLD MAN RIVER gets sent out for proven connections in a wide open and evenly matched race.

Race 9

(1) DIXIE'S BOY will look to drop and pop against a suspect bunch.  (2) FORT SILKY pacer will need a big bounce back after two straight clunkers.  When right the veteran pacer would crush these.  (3) HEARTLAND DESIRE a few weeks ago wouldn't have belonged in with this group.  This isn't the case now; threat.

Race 10

(6) BOWEDFORTYOVA gets a negative driver change but that could boost the price.  The sophomore faces older but might have gained some confidence off his recent win.  (7) WHY ASK WHY has beaten better on the year and will offer good value.  (10) JEWEL MAKER pacer is taking a significant drop in class with the top driver.

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