12/21/2002 12:00AM

Hawthorne dominates new entity


Hawthorne National LLC, the new business entity that combines Hawthorne Race Course and the National Jockey Club, named a management team and staff on Friday.

Hawthorne National begins operation in March, when racing returns to Chicago after a winter break, but not at its usual early-spring locale, Sportsman's Park. Sportsman's has been shuttered, and the National Jockey Club that ran meets there joined with Hawthorne's ownership to form the new company, which will race exclusively at Hawthorne.

Thomas Carey III, Hawthorne's president and general manager, will retain his titles at Hawthorne National. Carey's father, Thomas, and Charlie Bidwill from the National Jockey Club will be vice presidents. Patricia Bidwill was named manager.

Hawthorne employees were named to 11 of the 14 other staff positions announced this week.

Hawthorne National will conduct Thoroughbred racing at Hawthorne in both the spring and fall, leasing the facility from the Carey family.