12/15/2008 12:00AM

Hawthorne cancels full day's card


After losing part of the last two Friday cards because of winter weather, Hawthorne canceled its entire Sunday program because of unseasonable warmth.

Temperatures in the mid-50s made mush of Hawthorne's track surface, which two days earlier had been frozen. The decision to scrap racing Sunday came as a mutual decision between track management and jockeys, according to parties in both camps.

ockey Eddie Razo said the track looked usable at 11:30 Sunday morning, but quickly deteriorated.

Razo said he gave Hawthorne's management and crew "a lot of credit. They really worked hard on the track, but all the surface underneath was starting to come up. There was no bottom to the track."

Jim Miller, Hawthorne's assistant general manager, said the cancellation was "a mutual decision" between management and riders.

"The riders have been very good all meet helping us stay on top of the track," Miller said.

The temperature plunged Sunday night, and Monday's high was only about 15 degrees. The track was closed for training Monday, and was to be closed Tuesday, Miller said, with Hawthorne prepping the surface for Wednesday's races.