11/16/2005 1:00AM

Hawthorne cancels final six races


The Wednesday racing program at Hawthorne was canceled after the third race because of inclement weather and poor racing conditions. Hawthorne also canceled its final six races Sunday, the most recent day that the track raced.

Wind and snow blew into Chicago on Wednesday, with the temperature falling into the mid-20's at the time of the cancellation. But it was apparently the effect of the weather on the racetrack that led to the card's halt. Temperatures had been in the 60's only a few days ago, and while the main track began to freeze at the surface, it was thawed underneath, and such conditions produce balls of dirt that fly back into horses and riders alike. Jockeys reportedly were returning after races with broken goggles on Wednesday.

Hawthorne planned to work the surface Wednesday night and through Thursday morning, if necessary.

"I don't know if there will be training Thursday," said Jim Miller, Hawthorne's assistant general manager. "We'll work it through the morning up to the races if we have to."