12/28/2012 5:41PM

Hawthorne: Assistant GM Miller leaving to work for Midwest Thoroughbreds


STICKNEY, Ill. – Hawthorne assistant general manager Jim Miller has resigned his position at the track to take a job with the Midwest Thoroughbreds Inc. stable of Richard and Karen Papiese, Miller said Friday.

Miller said his role with the biggest racing operation in North America hasn’t yet been entirely defined.

“I’m not really going to have a title,” he said. “I want to learn as much as I can about the operation. I hope to help improve the quality of what they already have going.”

Midwest is by far the leading North American owner in 2012. Their operation, which includes several strings, has won 539 races from 1,841 starters. The stable’s 2012 earnings of $10,107,920 is nearly double the second-highest total among North American owners. Papiese operates a custom store-fixture business in University Park, Ill., and has a breeding and training farm in Florida.

Miller, 37, has worked at Hawthorne since 1997, and has served as assistant general manager at the Chicago-area track since 2000. Miller said that while he starts work for Midwest on Jan. 1, he plans to help Hawthorne adjust to his departure during the next couple weeks. Miller, in addition to various administrative duties, makes the track’s morning line and anchors Hawthorne’s televised broadcast.

Hawthorne president Tim Carey said no decision had yet been made whether to replace Miller or utilize existing staff to take on his duties.

Mersad M More than 1 year ago
Congrats, good luck...
Denise Filipowski More than 1 year ago
I can't see were he can help that stable! They have all ready a great staff ,and good trainers .I think he will cost them money that is for sure!
Hunter Delaney More than 1 year ago
after the bungling of the Herpes Quarantine, it's no surprise that hes leaving.
Nancy Ury More than 1 year ago
Jim Miller is a huge asset to not only the management and horsemen of Hawthorne, but to the industry in Illinois. There was never a task, no matter the severity, that couldn't be handled. Midwest was smart to grab him up when they did. I look forward to watching him take Midwest to the next level. Best of luck in your new endeavor Jim.
Bret Headrich More than 1 year ago
He doesn't know anything about a horse. Nancy. He couldn't tell A sound horse from a lame one. And in horse training ,and buying you need to know that. Just because you worked for a race track doesn't make you a horseman! Remember that.I can't see were he can help.Just like Denise said.Good horse trainers are hard to find. I think Midwest has some great horseman working for them all ready! I can't see were Jim can help these people.The only thing Jim did for Midwest was to rent them a track for the summer ,and bring in the herpes virus. Hmm may be that is why they hired him!