02/14/2014 4:27PM

Hastings: Trainer Melanie Walters dies in training accident


VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Hastings-based trainer Melanie Walters died Thursday as a result of injuries received in a training accident at her parent’s farm in Langley, British Columbia.

Walters, 37, was coming off a strong year at Hastings, where she finished in the top 10 in the trainer standings with 15 wins from 58 starts. It was Walters’s second year as a trainer. Her main client was her father, Dr. Ken Walters, a prominent horse owner at Hastings for many years.

Walters also exercised horses for trainer Dino Condilenios, who was the second-leading trainer at Hastings last year.

“Everyone in the backstretch at Hastings is in shock,” Condilenios said. “She was a great person. She would show up at my barn every day with a big smile. Everybody here loved her.”

Walters is survived by two young children, Caden, 7, and Laurel, 8

denali1 5 months ago
May God bless the Walters family in this time of need.
Arnold Baxter 5 months ago
BC Local News Back Beloved Langley horsewoman killed in training accident By MONIQUE TAMMINGA February 17, 2014 · 4:27 PM 0 Comments Well-known Langley equestrienne Melanie Walters was killed on Thursday during a training mishap with a young horse. / FACEBOOK IMAGE Well-loved horse enthusiast Melanie Walters died Thursday as a result of injuries received in a training accident at her parents’ farm in Langley. It’s believed Walters was training a two-year-old when it accidentally flipped onto her. She died during surgery at hospital. Walters, 37, is survived by two young children, Caden, 7, and Laurel, 8. Walters’ friend and fellow jumper Laura Balisky started a fundraising page for Walters’ two young children at fundrazr.com. Already, more than $15,000 has been donated. “The equestrian community has lost a wonderful woman, amazingly talented horsewoman and loving mother. “Melanie’s beautiful spirit and smile would light up the room,” said Balisky in the fundraising comments. “She will never be forgotten, her legacy is carried forward by her two children.” Donations will be held in trust for Laurel and Caden’s education and future, she said. Walters was coming off a strong year at Hastings Race Park, where she finished in the top 10 in the trainer standings with 15 wins from 58 starts, according to reports in the Daily Racing Form. Her main client was her father, Dr. Ken Walters, a prominent horse owner at Hastings for many years. “This is a huge loss. She was one of the most sincere people I’ve ever met, a really great person,” said Carla Robin, vice-chair of the Langley Horse Federation, who watched Walters grow up. “She was famous in hunter jumper. She was a beautiful rider who was highly respected. My girls idolized her,” Robin said. “We have lost her too young.” Jane Tidball of Thunderbird Showpark, where Walters was heavily involved, is creating a memory book full of photos and memories of Walters to give to her two children. Friend Melissa Lowe (nee Schell) grew up with Walters and competed with her. “She touched a lot of lives and inspired a lot of riders,” said Lowe. “I was blessed to have her as a friend. My heart is breaking for her two beautiful children.”
nick 5 months ago
Thanks, Arnold. This is the information I wish I had been able to get from DRF.
Martha Cantarini 5 months ago
Thank you so much.
Mark D 5 months ago
Shame. Seems like thier are a few deaths a year, none of which ever makes the mainstream news.
Holybull 5 months ago
Oh boy. This is always sad. Reminds me of Jeff Lukas' incident....
Anonymous 5 months ago
Here it is. https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/8hRL0 For those who wish to contribute.
Anonymous 5 months ago
There is a fundraiser for her children online. Sorry I do not have the address at hand. This information has been available elsewhere online. I will try to locate the fundraiser and provide it here unless someone else beats me to it.
len giustino 5 months ago
nick that was right on , take a look at the books that they put out you can't even read the charts more typos and no one to talk to about it.
chad mc rory 5 months ago
Prayers for the Children...
Hail No 5 months ago
I echo your sentiments Chad, and Prayers to all of her family and loved ones. I occasionally watched Hastings and was always on the "lookout" for her entries, wasn't unusual to get a square price, too. So very sad, RIP, dear girl...
nick 5 months ago
Dear DRF staff, Congratulations. What a tremendously fine article. After reading this article we have absolutely no idea: A) where she died, B) how she died(what happened), C) when she died. Whatever happened to the 5 W's?(who, what, where, when,and why)? Didn't you learn them in journalism school? Oh, no, wait, that would mean that . . . I guess this is the kind of writing we get for free on this site these days . . .
Martha Cantarini 5 months ago
Well said Nick. As a career horseman I would like to know exactly the things you have asked. Why is there no information.
Vince Lentini 5 months ago
where Langley BC How training accident when Thursday who melanie walters You see Nick it cuts both ways..you actually have to read
len giustino 5 months ago
Vince Lentini you are a jerk
Martha Cantarini 5 months ago
Training accident! There are a million different kinds of those. What happened? What kind of accident? Did she have a fall? Was she run over while on foot as per Jeff Lukas? So many things we would like to know as horsemen too!
Vince Lentini 5 months ago
what difference does it make
Bob Rose 5 months ago
Guess you would say the same about the story being posted also. How it happened is very important to us horseman/women. Leaving children behind is so heartbreaking, God Bless them, as well as all that loved Ms.Walters. ~Rest in Peace fellow race tracker~.
nick 5 months ago
Dear Mr. Lentini, Oh, I read the article, sir, many times, did you? My questions remain. A horse farm could very well have 40-50 or more acres. Was she injured on a training track while galloping a horse? Did a horse get loose while cooling down and run into her? Did she die on the farm, or was she taken to a hospital, and passed away there ? A day definitely has 24 hours, but more importantly, from the context you have no idea when the accident occured. Did she die the day of the accident? Did the accident happen the day before? The week before? A training accident? How many different aspects are there to training? Did she fall off of a horse while galloping one? Did a horse rear back and fall on her while getting a post workout bath? Was she possibly kicked accidently while walking behind a fractious horse while leading another horse out onto a track? How about something like(a totally hypothetical report )" Trainer Ms. Melanie Walters died Thursday Morning at Fireman's hospital in Langley, BC, after a freak training accident Wednesday afternoon at her parent's farm outside Langley. Ms. Walters suffered massive head injuries when she was thrown from a horse she was working out after the horse spooked after finishing a training run. Ms. Walters lapsed into a coma Wednesday evening and passed away without regaining consciousness." Like I said Mr. Lentini, the 5 W's. They are the basic building blocks of all good journalism. We got one, the Who. I am glad you were satisfied with that. I was not.
chad mc rory 5 months ago
Not the time for your rant, Nick.
nick 5 months ago
Chad, My deepest condolences to family and friends of Ms. Walters, and I mean no disrespect. That said, it doesn't stop me from describing what a horrible job DRF did in reporting the accident.
Matthew Kennedy 5 months ago
5 W's? that is for DRF Plus articles only. All Free articles only 1 W !!!!. You get what you pay for. Thank you DRF
Frank 5 months ago
well--what happened?