Harness Racing

February 12, 2018
Horses to watch at Monticello Raceway.
February 11, 2018
Herpes. It’s a scary word. Especially if you are a recently divorced guy in his fifties, just getting back into the dating scene. But that is a very different column for a very different publication. I am talking about equine herpes or EHV-1.
February 09, 2018
There are few in the sport today that question what trainer Robbie Siegelman does with his stable. For the longtime conditioner, having dedicated owners with 40 years of experience in racing has afforded him the luxury of time.
With the announcement that the Standardbred Racing Integrity and Accountability Initiative (SRIAI) will not be implemented for 2018, The Meadowlands will address the immediate concern regarding Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED's) in their stakes by ...
Matt Rose's analysis of the Monday 2/12 card at Yonkers Raceway.
Garnet Barnsdale's analysis of the Monday 2/12 card at Woodbine Harness.
Bob Pandolfo's Sharp Horses and Track Trends report featuring horses from Northfield, Freehold, Meadowlands, Yonkers and others.
According to an article in Harness Racing Update, the plan by Woodbine and The Meadowlands to adopt new integrity rules under the Standardbred Racing Integrity and Accountability Initiative (SRIAI) has been delayed due to the Alcohol and Gaming ...
February 08, 2018
Every sport that has multiple athletes competing in the same field at the same time has numbers attached to the athlete, except for horse racing. Numbers are a great way to add promotion and marketing, so let’s do it!
Derick Giwner's analysis of the Saturday 2/10 card at The Meadowlands.