01/01/2015 11:13AM

Harness: Wrenn wins second straight driving title

Ronnie Wrenn, Jr. won 849 races in 2014.

For the second consecutive year, driver Ronnie Wrenn, Jr. has won the most races in North America. With six victories on Wednesday night (12/31) at Sports Creek, Wrenn wrapped up 2014 with 849 wins, besting rival Aaron Merriman, who finished up with 839 tallies.

In 2013, Wrenn, 28, topped the charts with 714 wins.

Perhaps most amazing is that Wrenn accomplished his lofty win total despite missing much of January due to wrist surgery.

Only seven other drivers in history have won more than 700 races in back to back years.

“Thank you everyone for helping me win back to back dash titles! I would like to congratulate Aaron Merriman on a great year and thank him for making me have to bring my “A” game every night in order to compete against him,” said Wrenn via Facebook

In just four full seasons of racing Wrenn has accumulated 2,174 wins.