10/10/2012 10:12AM

Harness Racing: Sharp Horses and Track Trends for Oct. 4-7, 2012



10/7: 3w, no bias

10/6: 3w, no bias

BUBS DESIRE – Left and tucked 4th, was shuffled to 6th, rallied wide around the final turn and finished boldly to get up with a :26 2/5 final quarter

J V’S BAD BOY – Left from post 8 and was parked the mile without cover, wore down the leader on the final turn and was second best while out-kicked by the second over horse

JUST BY DESIGN – Was third over from post 8 and finished fast in :26 3/5

AJ GET’S THE MONEY – Left from post 10 and was used hard to the lead in :26 4/5, set a fast pace and excusably weakened

UNITY ROAD – Was far back early from post 9, rallied wide and finished in :26 3/5 to just miss



10/5: 8w, + speed

10/4: 7w, + speed

WAITING AND HOPING – Was parked the mile without cover from post 7 and held okay

COLLET HOTSPUR – Paced a quick middle-half first over pressing the 4-5 winner and was second best



10/4: 4w, no bias



10/4: 6w, + speed


10/6: 4w, no bias

10/5: 5w, no bias, sloppy track

GLACIER GIRL – Was parked to a quick half in the slop from post 7, held okay considering



10/7: 3w, no bias



10/6: 6w, no bias

10/5: 4w, no bias

SONIC RAIDER – Was 8th at the half, rallied three wide a long way to clear weak cover and drew clear sharply in a big effort

RADER DETECTOR – Paced a :26 3/5 third quarter first over, took the lead in the lane, was out-kicked but held well for the show



10/5: 7w, + speed



10/6: 5w, no bias

10/5: 1w, no bias

10/4: 4w, no bias

SANDRA DEA GO FAST – Trotter had post 7 and weak cover, rallied wide and finished willingly; price factor in exotics from better post

DOUBLE IT UP – Had post 8, left and was parked the mile without cover, only lost by 3 lengths



10/7: 6w, + speed

10/6: 5w, no bias

10/5: 4w, no bias, sloppy track

MUSCATINE Trotter was parked to the half from post 8, held nicely



10/6: 4w, no bias

10/5: 5w, no bias

10/4: 5w, + speed

CHIEF KAREN – Picked up sluggish cover, rallied wide for the show

KEEPERS DESTINY*** – Had post 8, left and tucked, went first over and paced a :26 3/5 third quarter pressuring the even money favorite, refused to quit and continued pressing, got up gamely late

GREYSTONE CASH – Was 4th over, finished strongly for the show

OR – Was third over, rallied wide around the final turn and finished sharply

*** = extra-sharp preferred plays

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