12/03/2012 11:10AM

Harness Racing: Sharp Horses and Track Trends for Nov. 26-28, 2012



11/28: 5w, no bias

TWENTY-ONE BELOW - Was parked a long way from post 10, lost cover, grinded to the lead and was 2nd best out-kicked by the pocket horse



11/28: 5w, no bias, off track

11/27: 6w, no bias, off track

11/26: 5w, no bias

SLIPPERY SAM – Was uncovered a long way over an off track, held okay; price factor in exotics



11/28: 5w, no bias

11/27: 5w, no bias, sloppy track

11/26: 8w, + speed

ALLAMERICAN CARESS – Left and was parked out against the tough 3-5 favorite, forced a hot pace and held well until the three quarters then excusably packed it in

AUF WIEDERSEHEN – Was uncovered a long way from post 8, paced a quick middle-half, held okay

ZEPPLIN BLUE CHIP – Made 2 moves setting a quick clip over an off track and held okay

DI MANGGIO - Trotter left and was parked the mile without cover pressing the leader, held okay

FOUR STARZ LOUIE - Paced a :27 2/5 third quarter first over from 6th, dueled with the 1-2 favorite through the final quarter and wore him down gamely



11/28: 4w, no bias

11/27: 5w, + speed

11/26: 5w, no bias

TIELER BEA HOTSPUR – Was parked the mile without cover from post 8 and held okay



11/28: 7w, + speed



11/28: 4w, no bias

11/27: 2w, + closers, off track was drying out throughout the day but tiring, covered closers did well with an unusual 7 winners rallying to win off cover trips

ROWDY-BUSH – Was taken back off the pace this time, brushed three wide into and around the final turn gaining ground steadily and was a solid second

SPIRITS GONE WILD - Made 2 moves to the lead at the half over an off track that was kind to closers, held okay

NEWBEGINING*** – Left from post 9 and was parked to the lead in :27 over an off track, set a quick pace under pressure against the bias and dug in gamely for the place

LAST CHANCE HARVEY – Was 9 lengths back at the top of the lane and rallied to miss by a head

JOGGING HOME - Trotter followed cover from post 8 and finished sharply for the place



11/28: 6w, + speed



11/26: 8w, ++ speed

THE SHEPHERD*** – Trotter took a lot of air from post 8, had poor cover,  made a valiant attempt to get into the race with a wide brush around the final turn and held willingly against the bias

*** = extra-sharp preferred plays

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