11/29/2012 11:21AM

Harness Racing: Sharp Horses and Track Trends for Nov. 22-25, 2012



11/25: 4w, no bias

11/24: 7w, speed did much better than normally but closers fared okay so I’m not sure that this was a bias

RIO’S Z TAM – Was parked most of the mile uncovered from post 9 and held well

SMOKE RINGS – Far back early from post 10, gained at every call and finished well for the show

INFLATION HANOVER – Had weak cover but finished strongly from 4th over



11/23: 5w, no bias

COME N BET IT*** - Left from post 8 and was parked to a quick half before finding a tuck, weakened but beat five horses home in a tough trip effort



11/25: 3w, no bias

IT WAS AN HONOR***  Left from post 6 and was parked the mile without cover forcing a hot pace, held the show gamely against a sharp front-running winner



11/24: 5w, no bias

11/23: 5w, no bias

TRULY THE BEST – Paced a :27 1/5 third quarter first over and drew off to a sharp win

HERE COMES BUBBA – Was uncovered a long way from post 8 and held gamely for the place

SHOCKBYELECTRIC*** – Had post 7, left and tucked, went first over and paced a quick middle-half, held well

TERROR OF THETRACK – Had terrible cover, charged three wide into a stepped-up final half and finished gamely

SANDBAR SLUGGER*** – Quarter-moved and was used hard to clear past a :56 2/5 half, dug in gamely for the place

PAN AU CHOCOLAT – 3-claimer blasted to the lead in :26 3/5, yielded, regained the lead, excusably tired



11/24: 3w, no bias

11/23: 3w, no bias

CHEYENNE PATTI – Broke before the start from post 8, recovered, rallied wide and finished strongly



11/25: 6w, + speed

11/23: 6w, + speed

LETTUCEROCKU A*** – Had post 8, left and tucked 5th, grinded first over against a classy 4-5 shot pacing a :27 2/5 third quarter and held well



11/25: 3w, no bias

11/24: 5w, no bias

11/23: 3w, no bias

PROVEN LOVER – Made 2 moves to the lead and drew off to a sharp win



11/24: 5w, no bias

11/23: 7w, + speed

WARRAWEE KOINE – Had a tough parked-out trip from post 8, was still only 2 lengths off the leader at the three quarters while uncovered and excusably weakened

RUB THING – Had to go wide as her cover weakened, finished gamely for the show from a tough spot over a track that favored front runners and leavers

SANSOME HANOVER*** – Left alertly to a :26 4/5 first quarter, yielded to two outside leavers, pulled first over and brushed back to the lead, excusably weakened in the stretch but held the show

JERRY’S BROWN GOLD – Had post 6, left, tucked 4th, went first over and paced a :27 third quarter, held the show

K SLATER – Finished strongly from third over, home in :27 4/5

*** = extra-sharp preferred plays

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