01/31/2013 1:49PM

Harness Racing: Sharp Horses and Track Trends for Monday, Jan. 28



1/27: 1w, ++ closers, wet track

1/26: 3w, no bias

BURSTING BLAZE - Made 2 moves to the lead, took on pressure, gave way grudgingly late

ZALL GOOD - Grinded uncovered a long way from a tough spot, held okay

ST ELMO HERO - Win-type was parked to the lead from post 9, rated the half then held sway with :27 4/5 and :27 3/5 second half splits

EAGLE A SCOOTIN - Made up a lot of ground closing from far back

SKYLINE HENRY - 3yo trotter made his debut and was 14 lengths behind a :30 second first quarter, rallied boldly on the final turn and drew off; the odds-on favorite broke, which helped, but this was a nice move in first career start



1/25: 7w, + speed

1/24: 5w, + speed

JENIEN - 7th at the half behind weak cover, stormed wide into and around the final turn and finished strongly for the place

HAPPY SURPRISE - Was parked the mile without cover, pressed hard and held well for the show

WESTERN SLAMMER*** - Made a bold uncovered brush pacing a big middle-half and drew off impressively

MISCHIEF MAN - Got ruined by terrible cover, rallied wide and finished strongly

FOX VALLEY YUKON - Was parked the mile without cover from post 8 and held okay



1/24: 3w, no bias, 4 degrees at post time

YES YOUR MATTJESTY*** - Moved three wide at the half to try and clear a tired horse, was wide a long way and finished strongly to just miss



1/27: 5w, no bias

1/24: 5w, no bias

BRODY - Was parked the mile, mostly without cover, from post 7, held well

WE SALUTE YOU - Left from post 8 and tucked 3rd, went first over into a :27 4/5 third quarter, wore down the leader and just missed to the second over horse on the wire in a game effort



1/25: 6w, no bias



1/24: 5w, no bias, off track



1/26: 3w, no bias

THE DRAGON*** - Paced a big middle-half, three deep part of the way and then continued uncovered into a fast last half, was clear for the place and probably best, big effort



1/26: 3w, no bias

1/25: 6w, + speed

1/24: 3w, no bias

I SCOOT FOR CASH - Was first over a long way, pushed a :28 2/5 third quarter and held okay



1/26: 5w, no bias but speed held surprisingly well with temperature in the mid to high teens most of the night; tailwinds

1/25: 1w, + closers

1/24: 2w, + closers

CAROLSTERN*** - Had post 10, was parked a long way following cover 6th over, followed cover wide on the final turn and finished strongly

ON THE RADAR*** - Left weakly and picked up poor cover while pushed three wide briefly down the back, rallied wide and finished strongly in a sharp effort

WINBAK JAKE*** - Had post 10, got moving early but had excess cover and ducked back in, found room along the inside and was flying, was going to finish third but had to check late

FIVEKNUCKLESHUFFLE - Left, tucked, was shuffled, cleared late and was rolling

HELIOS - Trotter left and tucked, power-brushed into the wind to take control and was 2nd best to his sharp closing stablemate in a solid placing

ONE THROUGH TEN - Had post 8 and was far back early, scooted up the inside down the back making up a good chunk of ground but had to take back and lose ground in order to get to the outside to follow cover on the final turn, rallied wide and finished gamely

GOLDEN RECEIVER - Left as usual but had to take a seat as Mr Hasani blasted, quarter-moved to the lead past a snappy :25 3/5 opener as Mr. Hasani got on one line and broke while rank, took on pressure through the final quarter, stayed tight on the pylons to keep horses blocked (Malad Uswaad N bad blindswitch, Second Wind N hopelessly boxed) then spurted clear sharply in the final sixteenth to post a gutsy and professional stakes win

DIAL OR NODIAL - Was first over and lost ground when Mr. Hasani broke, regrouped and grinded up to pressure Golden Receiver, held well

MODERN LEGEND*** - Had post 9, left and tucked 6th, moved out to follow cover, was badly impeded and pushed very wide, came back in but was stuck three wide the entire final quarter, rallied strongly into contention around the turn but flattened out in the drive in a big effort

PICTURE ME - Had a tough parked-out trip and hung in for as long as he could

BUCKEYE IN CHARGE - Had post 10 and was three wide for about three quarters of the mile, tough trip

ALBION*** - Got caught in a dull flow and then blindswitched and shuffled out of contention, cleared in the lane and was flying at the wire

PROUD MOMENT - Had a tough parked-out uncovered trip from post 9 and held well considering

CHILD'S PLAY - Was parked the mile without cover from post 9 and held okay



1/26: 11w, +++ speed

1/25: 6w, + speed

1/24: 4w, no bias

CHAROLETTES MAGGIE - Showed speed over a slow track on a cold night, yielded and was shuffled back

GLASS PACK*** - Had post 8 in a race with a slow pace and finished fast from 4th over vs the bias

HI HO STEVERINO - Had post 6 and finished sharply against a strong speed bias

OUR CULLENSCROWN N - Was third over and finished fast against the bias