05/16/2013 9:58AM

Harness Racing: Sharp Horses and Track Trends for May 9 - 12



5/12: 3w, no bias, tailwinds, temperature dropped from 50 degrees to 44 through the night

5/11: 2w, + closers

SAND TARYN - Had post 7, left, tucked, power-brushed into the wind to take the lead with a :27 2/5 second panel, wilted in the stretch but is a price factor in exotics with better trip



5/10: 6w, + speed

5/9: 4w, + speed

PLACE' N FIRST*** - Uncovered a long way from post 6 into a :27 3/5 third quarter, held okay

THEE TOWN HERO - Left from post 8 and was parked two turns before finding a tuck, just missed



5/12: 4w, no bias, gusting winds

5/9: 6w, + speed

KING Z TAM - First over on a long grind from post 6, held well for the show



5/11: 1w, no bias

5/10: 2w, no bias, sloppy track



5/12: 4w, no bias, gusting winds

5/10: 8w, + speed

5/9: 4w, no bias

BULLET BOB - Quarter-moved but couldn't clear and pushed a hot pace; tough trip; held okay

BAKIN ON THE BEACH - Grinded from post 6, had cover then lost it at the three quarters, finished gamely

SIR RICHARD Z TAM - Paced a :26 3/5 third quarter first over against a tough 1-2 shot and held the show

SPARKY - Had post 8, shot to the lead in :26 3/5, yielded to the 1-5 favorite through a :27 1/5 third quarter and didn't tire that badly on a windy afternoon



5/12: 8w, + speed, gusting NW winds

5/11: 4w, no bias

IN MINT CONDITION*** - Made a three wide quarter-move to the top and drew off impressively

KING'S LEGEND*** - Left from post 7, tucked 4th, went first over into a :26 3/5 third quarter and held well

RECKLESS RIC - Made 2 moves to the lead to a :53 4/5 half, took on pressure and held well for the show

LUV YA TYLER*** - Trotter left three wide the entire first quarter in a three way battle for the early lead, was unable to clear while trotting a :27 2/5 quarter, dropped back in for a tuck, was shuffled to 6th, slipped out third over off turn two, moved three wide part of the final turn to clear a tiring horse, angled wide again for the drive and finished evenly



5/11: 8w, ++ speed

5103: 5w, + speed

5/9: 6w, + speed



5/11: 2w, + closers

5/10: 3w, no bias

DOMETHATAGAIN - Went first over against a tough 3-10 shot and paced a :54 last half to get up gamely

WHIRL MONROE*** - Meadows shipper left to the early lead, popped the pocket down the back, brushed to the lead and drew off impressively in a time that was much faster than par for the class and only two ticks slower than Golden Receiver's winning time

FROM ABOVE - Trotter made a strong four wide move on the turn and finished fast

LOVE YOU BYE - Left from post 9 and was used hard to get the lead nearing a :53 1/5 half, excusably tired

WISHING STONE - Trotter showed good early speed to get pocket position, was trapped in tight quarters in the stretch, lost ground dropping back to third while angling for clearance and flew the final yards to get up by a nose to save the chalk bettors



5/12: 6w, + speed, gusting winds

5/11: 6w, + speed

5/10: 4w, + speed

SCREENPLAY - Had post 7, followed poor cover third over, rallied wide and finished sharply against the speed bias



5/9: 6w, + speed, leavers and first over horses did well

JIGGER AND ABIT - Showed sharp speed leaving from post 7 while parked to the :28 2/5 opener, chased a fast pace from the pocket and faded; dangerous speed at this level



5/12: 3w, no bias, gusting winds

5/11: 3w, no bias

5/10: 4w, no bias

ENGINE NUMBER NINE - Was uncovered a long way from post 9 and held well for the show



5/11: 9w, ++ speed

5/10: 2w, no bias

5/9: 3w, no bias

FROM THE START - Had post 7 with a drop and a driver change to Sears, left and tucked 4th, went first over and crushed with a strong last half

MOJARRA HANOVER - Was parked pushing a torrid pace against the 6-5 winner, tough trip

IDEAL GIFT - Had post 7, left and tucked 4th, power-brushed to the lead with a :27 3/5 second quarter and drew off

BASTILLE*** - Left well from post 8 but broke on the first turn and dropped back, recovered and finished strongly for the show

FRONTIERPAN - Had post 8, followed cover down the back and finished with solid pace

CHINA KING - Had poor cover third over and finished fast against the bias

ROADWAY - 4th at the half, went first over and uncorked a :26 4/5 third panel to take control, drew off full of pace with a :27 2/5 final quarter, sharp