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Harness Racing: Sharp Horses and Track Trends for May 2 - 5



5/5: 4w, no bias

5/4: 1w, + closers


7th at the half behind weak cover, powered wide on the final turn and smoked home in :26 to win going away


9th early and far back, followed excess cover 5th over and finished strongly in :26 2/5


Had post 8, left and tucked 5th, power-brushed first over to clear past the half with a snappy :27 second quarter and drew off with sharp pace


Kept up well to a quick opener, brushed to the lead to a :54 4/5 half, took on pressure and held okay for the show

PEACE*** - 9th early and far back, followed cover third over, made a strong move on the turn to reach the 6-5 favorite and wore him down on the wire while pacing home in :26 1/5

T E'S ZENYATTA*** - Was shuffled to 10th, slipped out 5th over and finished strongly for the show in :26



5/3: 7w, + speed

5/2: 5w, + speed

STYLISH SOIREE N - Left from post 8 and was used hard to get the lead in :27 2/5, yielded to the even money favorite at the half and faded in a race dominated by closers;  has a shot at a price

YANOYANOMENOW*** - Had post 7 and poor cover, stormed wide and drew off in :27 4/5



5/5: 6w, + speed

5/2: 5w, + speed

BELIEVE THIS BOB*** - Left from post 8 and was used hard to clear in :27 3/5, set a fast pace and held the show



5/3: 5w, no bias

DVC I'S MAGICAL*** - Left fast from post 6 and yielded, was shuffled to 3rd, pulled down the back and brushed three wide to regain the lead with a :27 4/5 third quarter and missed by a nose on the wire

BETTOR WATCH HIM*** - Left from post 8 and was parked the mile without cover, held well

PICTONIAN PRIDE - Left from post 7 directly outside of the post 6 leaver and was parked to the lead in :27 2/5, yielded to the 4-5 winner and held okay

YANZHOU - Left from post 9 and was parked the mile without cover, held well considering



5/5: 6w, + speed

5/4: 6w, slight edge to speed, not a strong bias

5/2: 4w, no bias

COOL COLBY - Was first over a long way into a stepped-up final half and held okay

BONFIRE BLISS - Left in :26 1/5, yielded to a quick half and was shuffled behind a tiring horse

DRUMFIRE A - Left from post 8 and was second over behind a parked horse, brushed wide to clear and go first over in a race that unfolded at a fast pace, held well for the show

MCERLEAN - Left, was parked hard forcing torrid fractions to the half and excusably tired

SIMON'S ARTIST*** - Left in :26 2/5, went to the half in :53 4/5 parking a horse out, then met another challenge and put that one away; held off the 6-5 favorite for a sharp win

ALASTAIR HANOVER - Left, tucked, went first over into a :27 4/5 third quarter and held okay



5/4: 8w, + speed, track has been speed favoring so far this year

5/3: 7w + speed

BARN ART - Left from post 7 and was used hard to clear past the quarter, set a fast pace under second half pressure and gave way grudgingly late

GREAT EMANCIPATOR - Trotter broke leaving from post 8, recovered and had a tough parked-out uncovered trip, held well for the show



5/4: 4w, no bias

5/3: 6w, + speed

5/2: 5w, + speed

KING HARVEST - Had post 7, brushed wide pacing a :28 third quarter and finished gamely for the place

GE'S JODY - Third over behind poor cover, rallied wide around the final turn and drew off sharply



5/4: 4w, no bias

5/3: 3w, no bias

LOVE YOU BYE - Was parked the mile on a long uncovered grind into a quick pace; tough trip

PRONOLOGY Z TAM - Left and was parked to the lead in :28,  yielded and was shuffled back behind a 19-1 shot, threw his head up a couple of times as the driver took a hard hold behind the tiring horse, angled out in a blindswitch turning for home and finished evenly under mild urging

IN KENNY'S HONOR - Left well for the early lead, was shuffled back, pulled out of tight quarters on the final turn but locked wheels and lost all chance

LEBRON - Left well from post 9, yielded, was shuffled back, angled wide for the drive and finished with willing pace; price factor in exotics

HURRICANE KINGCOLE - Speedster was under a hard hold early but actually rated pretty well from off the pace, moved willingly down the backstretch and rushed up and into second over position, angled wide for the drive and drew clear handily

HILLBILLY HANOVER - Left to secure early position but got jammed in tight quarters down the stretch, cleared late with pace while on his own power

MEL MARA - Saved ground in his first start of the year and was blindswitched most of the lane



5/5: 7w, + speed

5/4: 9w, + speed

5/3: 8w, + speed



5/2: 5w, + speed



5/5: 3w, no bias

5/4: 3w, no bias



5/4: 6w, + speed

5/3: 2w, no bias

5/2: 6w, + speed

FROM THE START - Tried to leave from post 4 but took a tuck third, went first over into a quick third panel and held okay

MARIE'S Z TAM - Had a tough parked-out uncovered trip from post 8, held okay considering

COLLAGE - Had post 8 and finished quickly in the stretch

MR HASANI N - Broke badly before the start, recovered, followed cover around the final turn, tipped wide for the drive and finished willingly

CODE WORD*** - Left from post 5, was three deep around the first turn and parked to the quarter for the lead, yielded at the half, was shuffled a bit and slipped out then rallied three wide around the final turn; held well considering this impossible trip

*** = extra-sharp preferred plays

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