04/04/2013 12:37PM

Harness Racing: Sharp Horses and Track Trends for March 28 - 31


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3/30: 7w, + speed, most speed favoring night of the year

CHLOE HALL - Power-brushed in :27 2/5 to take the lead at the half, finished sharply to hang on

PICTONIAN PRIDE*** - Showed good early speed leaving from post 9, yielded, was shuffled, finished well late

RICHESS EMPEROR*** - Far back early, paced his last three quarters in 1:21 3/5 to just miss

REV ME UP - Left from post 9 and was parked the mile without cover forcing a fast pace, tough trip



3/29: 9w, ++ speed

3/28: 6w, + speed

SPUNKY BABY - Was parked the mile without cover from post 7 and won gamely



3/28: 3w, no bias



3/28: 8w, + speed

ALLSTAR PREVIEW*** - Left and was parked the mile without cover forcing a blazing pace, took the lead turning for home and just missed

IN TREATMENT - Was hurt by dull cover, rallied wide and finished well against the bias



3/29: 5w, no bias

CARMELITA'S GIRL - Left and got cooked in a bitter speed duel, somehow beat three horses home



3/29: 2w, no bias

3/28: 4w, no bias



3/29: 7w, + speed

3/28: 4w, no bias

DRAGON AHS - Left alertly from post 8 to the early lead, yielded and was shuffled with pace

MR HASANI N - Followed the sharp Statesman N and finished fast to just miss, last half in :53 2/5

TYLER HANOVER*** - Left, tucked, went first over pushing a :27 1/5 third quarter and held well



3/30: 3w, no bias

AUTOMATIC TELLER - Was used hard to clear the lead from post 8, set a lively pace and held okay

ARTHUR - Finished well in a fast last half

JEPSON HANOVER - Was 4th over into a fast last half while behind dull cover, rallied wide and held well

SKY IS THE LIMIT - Left, tucked, went first over into a quick last half and held well

FOREIGN OFFICER - Left from post 5 and worked his way to the lead past a :26 3/5 opener,



3/30: 6w, + speed

3/29: 9w, ++ speed

3/28: 7w. + speed

FLY HIGH - Had post 7 and dull cover, rallied wide and finished strongly for the place

IMAGE OF DAWN - Left and tucked, went first over into a :28 1/5 third quarter and held okay

RU READY TO ROCK - Left three deep to the lead in :27, yielded, chased the pace and held okay

PERFECT FEEL'N - Was parked two turns while off the leader in a fast first half, tucked, held okay



3/30: 5w, no real bias but more speed favoring than winter nights

3/29: 2w, no bias

CANE RIDGE*** - Left fast and yielded grudgingly to Cambassador around the 3/8's forcing a blazing :52 4/5 pace, pulled approaching the three quarters and brushed back to the lead, held on gamely

CAMBASSADOR*** - Left well from post 10 and was used hard to get the lead, set a blazing pace, yielded to Cane Ridge nearing the three quarters and dug in bravely for the show

VALENTINO - Classy sort took advantage of his quick speed and left well from post 9, was parked to the quarter for the lead, yielded for the pocket trip, chased a fast pace, popped the hole late on the final turn and battled gamely to prevail as a huge overlay paying $56.80 to win

BOLERO ANDREW - Kept up well early while chasing a fast opener, quarter-moved to take the lead at the :53 4/5 half, weakened late but lost by less than a length in a solid effort; holds his form and should be competitive here or at Harrah's Philadelphia

RECENT NEWS - Picked up a key driver change to the nation's red-hot leading driver Cory Callahan and responded with a big parked-the-mile uncovered win from post 10

COME ON RIDGE - Left from post 6 and tucked 4th, angled out between horses in a blindswitch in the stretch, searched for room, cleared late and finished quickly

JAILHOUSE JUICE - Trotter had post 10 and finished quickly in the lane

VAPORSTAR - Trotter had post 10, gained ground at every call and finished fast in :26 4/5



3/30: 4w, no bias

3/29: 3w, no bias

3/28: 5w, + speed

MATT'S SMOKIN LIL - Third over from post 6, rallied wide and finished strongly for the win



3/30: 7w, + speed, slight edge to speed

3/29: 4w, no bias

3/28: 3w, no bias

TIDEWATER TEDDY - Followed poor cover and finished well in a fast last half

K SLATER - Left from post 8 but got stuck behind another horse, lost cover when that one ducked in, was parked two turns, took back to last then finished with solid late pace

KEYSTONE VELOCITY - Had dull cover, rallied wide around the final turn and finished strongly

HANDSOME PRINCE - Had post 8, left and tucked, went first over into a :27 4/5 third quarter and held okay

FOILED AGAIN*** - Took the early lead from post 3, set a blazing pace while parking out Razzle Dazzle, yielded off the third turn, angled between horses in the lane and rallied bravely

SUPER MANNING*** - Trotter left from post 8 behind the post 6 leaver and was covered until the quarter, lost cover and was parked two turns for the lead, set the pace under pressure from the 3-5 winner and held okay considering

POLITICAL DESIRE - Trotter left from post 8 and was parked to a quick opening quarter, set the pace under second-half pressure and gave way grudgingly late

*** = extra-sharp preferred plays