03/28/2013 10:08AM

Harness Racing: Sharp Horses and Track Trends for March 21 - 24


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3/24: 2w, + closers, snow, off track for races 6-10, tailwinds

3/23: 6w, + speed, rare speed favoring track

RICHESS EMPEROR - Saved ground from post 8, found room in the lane and was flying, home in :26 over a track that was much more speed favoring than usual here

ARCH VILLAIN - Had post 9, left and tucked 6th, ranged first over and paced a big last half to draw clear

TIME TO ROLL*** - Followed cover third over, rallied wide for the drive and finished strongly in :25 4/5

FASHION DELIGHT*** - Left, tucked, went first over into a stepped-up final half and held well for the place

WOLFIES SPORTSTER*** - Followed cover 4th over and finished strongly for the show, home in :26 2/5

ZAMBRANO - Had post 10, left, tucked, went first over and held okay



3/22: 9w, + speed

3/21: 8w, + speed

WILSON'S TRACKS - 7th at the three quarters over a speed favoring track, finished strongly to get up

RAGING CAM - Third over behind weak cover, rallied wide around the final turn and held okay

YIPPY - Left from post 6 and was parked the mile without cover, held well

PHOBIC PRINCESS*** - Stormed wide from third over and drew off full of pace

BOLD RAIDER - Followed cover wide from third over and finished quickly to just miss

JUDSON DIRECTOR - Had post 7, followed cover wide around a sluggish first over horse and finished gamely



3/21: 8w, + speed

SMOOTH ERIC N - Was uncovered a way from post 7 and held gamely



3/24: 8w, + speed

3/21: 4w, no bias

HOOF IT N - Third over from post 7, finished with solid pace for the place

HEAD OF THE BARN - Was first over a long way and paced a strong middle-half, engaged the favorite in a backside duel, put away the favorite but weakened; didn't tire that badly

ONE MORE MIRACLE - Was parked to the lead in :27 2/5, set the pace under pressure and held okay



3/22: 1w, + closers, off track

THE SWEET DION - Had post 7, left and was parked to a :28 1/5 opening quarter for the lead, set the pace against the bias over an off track and held okay



3/22: 4w, no bias

3/21: 2w, no bias

MOST HAPPY DRAGON*** - Left from post 8 and was used hard to get the lead at the half, yielded and excusably tired

MARK IT ON ICE - Was parked the mile without cover from post 7 and held okay

SOMETHINGTOBEBOLD - Had post 9, was parked to the lead past the half, yielded to pressure at the three quarters and just missed



3/24: 6w, + speed

3/22: 6w, + speed

3/21: 6w, + speed, leavers and stalkers

DEVIL'S IVY - 4th over at the half, followed cover and finished fast to miss by less than a length

NATIVE STYLE - Third over from post 7, finished quickly for the show

THREE OF SPADES - Followed cover wide from 4th over and finished well against the bias



3/24: 3w, no bias

3/23: 5w, no bias

LUVALADY - Broke before the start and was 20 lengths behind, only lost by 2 lengths

STORMIN RUSTLER*** - Left from post 7 with two other leavers including the six horse, moved three wide to take the lead off the first turn, set a quick pace under pressure and didn't tire that badly

ORR HANOVER*** - Went first over from 6th, paced a :27 2/5 third quarter and was 2nd best in a sharp try



03/22: 5w, + speed, all leavers or first over horses, basically leavers and stalkers both days this week, not a single horse rallied off a cover trip on the outside

03/21: 7w, + speed



3/23: 2w, no bias, tailwinds

3/22: 6w, + speed, leavers and stalkers did well

LAGUNA BEACH - Left sluggishly and game pacer had another tough parked-out trip

O DANA O - Trotter finished well from far back and is rounding to form

BENNS SUPERMAN - Was boxed inside, rallied in tight quarters, angled out late with good pace

ON THE RADAR - Left from post 9 but was stalled by two other leavers and took part of the first turn three wide, followed dull cover while parked the mile, rallied three wide around the final turn to take dead aim on the leader and wore him down gamely late

FANTADDY - Followed dull cover third over, rallied wide and finished fast

UNION MAN HANOVER - Was parked part of the first turn looking to follow the flow but ducked back in and was boxed in, angled into a blindswitch in the lane and finished steadily

THANKS FOR STOPPIN - Left from post 10 and was parked to a :27 1/5 opener, yielded and was shuffled out of contention, cleared in mid-stretch and had even pace

DR C'S Z TAM - Was far back early from post 8 and finished fast as usual; have to include in trifectas and superfectas and his chances of winning should improve from posts 1 through 5



3/23: 8w, + speed

3/22: 4w, no bias

CLOONEY DRUMMOND - Left from post 8 and was parked to the lead in :27 1/5, set the pace, tired but only lost by 2 lengths



3/23: 8w, + speed

3/22: 8w, + speed

3/21: 4w, no bias

MYSTICAL ESCAPADE - Trotter was 6th at the half, went first over and paced a :27 3/5 third quarter powering to the lead at the three quarters and drew clear impressively

CS KENTUCKY - Had post 8, slipped out behind cover down the back and finished fast

KRISPY APPLE - Classy mare had to grind uncovered against the bias but came home in :27 3/5 to win

*** = extra-sharp preferred plays