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Harness Racing: Sharp Horses and Track Trends for Jan. 31-Feb. 3, 2013



2/2: 4w, no bias

1/30: 2w, + closers, sloppy track

DAVE'S BID*** - Power-brushed in :27 2/5 to take the lead at the half and drew clear

JILL IS SO PRETTY - Far back from post 10, finished strongly in the stretch



2/1: 4w, no bias, 10 degrees at post time

1/31: 5w, no bias, 8 degrees at post time, colder later in the card

MAKENA CAT - Was parked the mile without cover from post 8 and won handily

PECK BLUE CHIP*** - Made two moves to the lead in a quick :57 2/5 half under frigid single-digit conditions, drew clear impressively



2/1: 5w, no bias, off track, windy

NEEDLES AND PINS - Left from post 8 and was used hard to clear past the quarter, set a blazing pressured pace over a wet track on a windy day and prevailed gamely



2/2: 7w, + speed

1/31: 5w, no bias

MUSTANG ART - Left, tucked, brushed to the lead at the half in a fast-paced race and held okay

VERSADO - Left from post 8 and was used hard to get the lead, maintained a fast pace and prevailed gamely



1/30: 8w, + speed, sloppy track

1/29: 5w, no bias, off track

2/1: 7w, + speed

ALLAMERICAN DORA - Blasted to the lead from post 8, yielded, was shuffled, finished well



1/30: 1w, + closers, sloppy track

1/29: 5w, no bias, off track

2/1: 4w, no bias



2/2: 3w, no bias

NORTHERN COMPANION*** - 7th at the half, rallied wide around the final turn and paced a :54 2/5 last half to draw off



2/2: 5w, no bias

2/1: 7w, + speed, windy conditions

1/31: 2w, no bias, windy conditions

JARNAC - Was three wide a long way trying to clear weak cover and held well

CC RACY*** - 7th at the half, stormed wide down the back, swooped to command entering the final turn and drew off as much the best



2/2: 3w, no bias

2/1: 0w, ++ closers, tailwinds

1/31: 4w, no bias, strong tailwinds

THANKS FOR STOPPIN - Was parked most of the mile while following weak cover, rallied wide on the final bend and finished sharply from a tough spot

ZEN MAJOR - Left and was parked the mile without cover on a windy night, held well

MJ'S BID - 11 lengths behind early, followed poor cover and finished well from a tough spot

DELIGHTFUL DIVA - Left from post 10 and was parked to the lead in :26 4/5, set the pace against the bias and the wind and didn't tire that badly

ON THE RADAR - A three star preferred play on this list last week, followed cover third over, rallied wide and finished powerfully to win going away at an overlaid price of $14.00

MAJOR TIPPER - Quarter-moved to the lead and hit the half in :54 2/5, took on pressure from there and didn't tire that badly



2/2: 1w, + closers

2/1: 5w, no real bias but leavers did well as usual

1/31: 5w, no real bias, slight edge to speed, windy

CANNAE CAMMIE - Had post 6 and was third over behind poor cover, circled wide on the final turn and finished full of pace for the win

BABE'S BISTRO - 4th over from post 7, followed the winner wide around the final bend and finished fast

CUTTY SHARK - Had post 7, left and tucked 4th, went first over into a stepped-up final half and held okay

MONEY TWITCH A - Set a fast pace under heavy pressure while parking out another horse, excusably tired over a track that was not kind to speed

HYPNOTIST - Had post 7, followed cover and finished fast to just miss

*** = extra-sharp preferred plays

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