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Harness Racing: Sharp Horses and Track Trends for Jan. 3-6, 2012



1/6: 2w, + closers

1/5: 2w, + closers

CATMANDO*** - Left and tucked, power-brushed to the lead at the half, paced a :55 1/5 middle-half and held sway in a sharp win



1/4: 8w, ++ speed, very speed favoring this week, covered horses in two path did poorly

1/3: 7w, ++ speed, all leavers or first over

BONEIRE'S BUCK - Was first over a long way pacing a sharp middle-half, held okay

STAR GAZED - Left from post 6 and was parked the mile without cover, held okay

DONALD HIMSELF - Had post 7, followed cover, rallied wide and finished sharply against the bias



1/4: 6w, + speed

1/3: 7w, + speed

NOT THIS TIME*** - Had post 8 and made a long bid, picked up dull cover, brushed wide to clear cover and the leader, drew off to win by 11 lengths full of pace



1/6: 8w, + speed

1/5: 7w, + speed

1/3: 4w, no bias

MAJOR BUCKS - 7th at the half behind a modest pace, rallied wide and finished sharply for the place

SHOWDOWN AT SUN UP - Shot to the lead in :25 4/5, set a fast pace under pressure and held the show

PAINFULLY COOL - Left and was three deep pushing a fast pace then remained parked uncovered, excusably tired; dangerous at a price

BIGTIME RUSH - Left from post 7 and was three deep to the lead past a :26 4/5 opener, set the pace and only lost by 3 lengths

YANKEE FORTYSIX*** - Was parked the mile without cover and held gamely

BETHS BOY N - Got moving early from post 6, followed cover, brushed wide as his cover tired and kept on pacing gamely to the wire to be 2nd best to the 1-2 winner

MISSPLACEDART*** - Had post 8, left and tucked 5th, went first over into a quick last half and just missed by a nose to the 2-5 winner

BREAK DANCER - Was on this list last week after a game effort from post 8, drew post 8 again, got parked the mile without cover, grinded gamely and got up for the win at a whopping $107.20



1/4: 5w, no bias

COLUMBIA ART - Went first over into a :28 third quarter and held okay



1/4: 7w, + speed

1/3: 2w, no bias

VLOS - Classy guy left from post 7 and was used hard to the lead in :26 3/5, set the pace on a day when speed didn't do very well and only lost by 3 lengths



1/5: 3w, no bias, off track

PARAGON - Left and was parked to the lead in :26 4/5 over an off track, set the pace and just missed



1/5: 3w, no bias

1/4: 5w, + speed

1/3: 6w, + speed

FOUR STARZ TROP*** - Left from post 8 and was three wide and parked to the half for the lead, yielded and was shuffled out of the race

ABBEYLARA - Was parked the mile without cover from post 7 and held the place gamely



1/5: 7w, + speed, speed held surprisingly well Saturday night

1/4: 3w, no bias

1/3: 3w,  no bias

PROTOCOL - Showed early speed, chased a fast pace, was shuffled back losing position

ZUEREST - Trotter had post 9 and was parked to a quick half for the lead, took on immediate pressure and only lost by 2 lengths

BITTERSWEET BEST - 4yo mare made a long belated quarter-move to take the lead pacing a :27 second quarter, shook off a third quarter bid and drew clear impressively

GORDYS FILLY YENTA - Was 10th at the quarter and on the move, followed cover, rallied wide and finished well pacing a :27 final quarter

GOLDEN RECEIVER - Remarkable 8-year-old left in :26 4/5, set the pace under pressure and smoked home in :25 4/5 to win in 1:48 4/5; he loves this track

BAKIN ON THE BEACH*** - Left to the early lead and yielded, then went first over pushing the tough 3-5 winner and held gamely for the show

*** = extra-sharp preferred plays

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