01/24/2013 5:43PM

Harness Racing: Sharp Horses and Track Trends for Jan. 17 - 20, 2013



1/20: 2w, + closers

1/19: 2w, + closers

MAJOR MALE*** - Made a long move to the lead from post 10, cleared past the half and came home in :28 for the sharp win

AQUA ARTIST*** - Left from post 9, was parked to the lead in :26 3/5, set the pace against the bias and just missed as the beaten favorite

THE PADRE - 4-5 shot had a brutal parked-out trip from post 10, held okay



1/18: 9w, ++ speed

1/17: 7w, + speed

HALLY - Left from post 7 and had a tough parked-out trip, held okay

NIGHTINTHEBOX - Left from post 7 and was used hard to the lead in :26 4/5, yielded to the tough 1-9 winner George's Z Tam and held okay for the show

NINA COLEADA - Far back early from post 7, rallied wide and finished strongly against the bias




1/17: 6w, + speed



1/20: 4w, no bias

1/17: 6w, no bias

FIFTEEN FOUR N - Left from post 8 and was three deep pushing a torrid early pace against the classy 4-5 winner, remained parked while unable to clear the lead, tucked down the back and excusably tired; price factor in exotics

HIDE ME AWAY*** - Grinded first over a long way from post 6 and was a solid 2nd to the odds-on winner

LLOYD ARNOLD - Left and tucked, was shuffled, finished willingly for the show

WAYWATCHER*** - Left and was parked to the lead in :28 2/5, broke and dropped back to 7th, finished well considering and only lost by 3 lengths



1/18: 2w, no bias

ITS A SHAM - Had post 8 and finished fast from far back



1/16: 2w, + closers, off track

1/15: 4w, no bias

1/14: 5w, no bias

SMOK'N MUSCLES - Trotter was parked the mile without cover from post 8 and held gamely for the place

MARTY'S CHARM*** - Left and was used hard to clear in :27, set the pace under stiff second half pressure and gave way grudgingly over a tiring off track



1/19: 4w, no bias

THE DRAGON - 12 lengths back early, followed weak cover, stormed wide and finished second behind the sharp 2-5 winner



1/19: 7w, + speed

1/18: 5w, no bias

1/17: 4w, no bias



1/19: 2w, no bias, track continues to play more towards stamina than speed, although leavers doing okay because of pocket winners, so therefore no real bias

1/18: 3w, no bias

1/17: 3w, no bias

ZEN MAJOR - Left from post 9 and was used hard to get the lead past a :26 3/5 first quarter, set the quick pace and held the place

RINGO*** - Once again blasted out of the gate in :26 3/5, set a wildly fast pace while refusing to yield and held surprisingly well considering; he'll be tough to deny at Dover and is certainly good enough to threaten in the Clyde Hirt Series but needs a better trip

CONNERY BLUE CHIP - Got caught up in a wicked speed duel with headstrong Ringo and excusably tired

MISS SAND CREEK - Made two moves to the lead setting a quick pace and tired; she may drop down now and is a threat at a price in C-1

SOME LIKE IT HOT - Trotter left, tucked, brushed to the lead in a quick half and gave way in the stretch; may be a good longshot in exotics, especially with a drop in class

MCCLELLAND*** - Was looped leaving and used hard to clear in :26 2/5, set a blazing pace under constant pressure and excusably tired; classy guy likes the Big M

VOICE OF TRUTH - 9th at the half, picked up weak cover while 4th over, rallied wide and finished strongly

MUSSLESFRMBRUSSELS*** - Made a bold move through the second quarter gaining 9 lengths to take the lead while pushed three wide part of the way, yielded at the three quarters, angled out in the lane avoiding a shuffle under good handling by Simon Allard and rallied gamely for the win

GENERAL MONTGOMERY - Was hustled from the gate to the early lead, yielded, pulled the pocket and regained the lead at the three quarters and excusably tired in a fast-paced race



1/19: 4w, no bias

1/18: 4w, no bias

1/17: 6w, no bias

KISSMATT - Had post 8 and was flying in the stretch to just miss

AROCKIN HANOVER*** - Left from post 7 and got within 2 lengths of the lead, had a tough parked-out trip and finished gamely considering the trip

CAM'S ORACLE - Was used hard in a hot early battle for the lead, yielded and was shuffled out

HOT LIST - Left from post 7 and was parked to the lead in :27 2/5, set the pace under second half pressure and held gamely for the place

ITS A GOOD THING - Left and was used hard to clear, set the fastest half of the night, was pressured the second half and excusably tired