02/11/2013 10:54AM

Harness Racing: Sharp Horses and Track Trends for Feb. 4-6, 2013



2/6: 7w, + speed

2/5: 5w, no bias

2/4: 9w, ++ speed, off track

GET READY TO RUMBA*** - Had post 7, left and tucked 5th, went first over from a tough spot on a long grind and pushed the leader hard through a stepped-up final half and held okay considering


Had post 6, followed cover third over, went wide as her cover weakened and finished sharply in :29 flat


Trotter had post 8, was rough-gaited while trailing but finished fast



2/6: 10w, ++ speed, increasingly speed favoring so far this week

2/5; 8w, ++ speed

2/4: 7w, + speed

PEARL HANDLEPISTOL - Was first over a long way from post 7 and only lost by lengths in another good effort

MACH LADY - Had post 7, left, tucked, went first up into a :27 4/5 third quarter and held okay

IDEALIST - 9th at the half, followed cover and finished strongly against the speed bias

RACE TRACK STORMY - Was parked to the half in :55 4/5, set the pace from there and gave way grudgingly late



2/6: 5w, no bias

2/4: 5w, no bias

MAKIN GREEN LAVEC - Had a tough uncovered parked out trip and held gamely for the place

JOLTFROMTHEBLUE - Left from post 7 and was parked the mile without cover pressing a fast pace, excusably tired but showed fitness hanging tough until the final turn

LIMA APOLLO - Left from post 7 and got parked the mile without cover while pushing hard trying to get the lead, could not clear but wouldn't give up and won gamely



2/6: 5w, no bias

2/5: 4w, no bias, sloppy track

2/4: 3w, no bias, off track

ESCAPE THE NEWS*** - Left from post 8 and was used hard to get the lead past the half, set the pace under stern pressure but drew clear to a safe and sharp win



2/5: 2w, no bias

2/4: 4w, no bias



2/5: 7w, + speed

2/4: 8w, + speed

OYSTER BAY - Left from post 6 and was used hard three deep to the lead in :27, set a fast pace and excusably tired in a race where the first four finishers all rallied from off the pace

BROOKSTONE*** - Left and was parked to a :26 3/5 opener, chased a blazing pace then pulled first over approaching the three quarters, excusably tired

GOING NATIVE - Left from post 8 and was used hard to get the lead in :27 1/5, set a quick pace under pressure and dug in bravely for the win

*** = extra-sharp preferred plays

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