08/16/2012 11:44AM

Harness racing: Sharp Horses and Track Trends for August 9-12, 2012



8/12: 3w, no bias

8/11: 1w, + closers

IF I DIDNT CARE – Had dull cover, burst wide and drew clear full of pace

IAM BONASERA – 7th at the half, paced a :53 4/5 last half to get up and win clear by a length

IN MINT CONDITION – Peaking 4-year-old was 7th at the three quarters, made a bold move on the final turn to pass six horses and take the lead and held sway



8/9: 5w, + speed

STRONG SIGNAL*** – Had a tough parked-out trip from post 7 and held okay considering



8/11: 5w, no bias

8/10: 5w, no bias

AINTNOFOOLSGOLD – Left from the rail and yielded, went first over in a fast-paced race and held okay



8/11: 5w, + speed

8/10: 6w, + speed

GETHERDONE SUE – First over into a stepped-up final half, held well

RICHIE THE CLOWN*** – Was used hard to clear the lead from post 8 and wired the field gamely, a rare post 8 win over this track that has a post 8 win percentage of 2.5%



8/11: 7w, + speed

8/10: 6w, + speed

8/9: 5w, + speed

NELLY HANOVER*** – Left from post 7 and was used hard to get the lead past a :26 3/5 opener, set a fast clip under pressure from the 2-5 winner and gave way grudgingly late

HOLLY’S HALO – Followed dull cover, rallied wide and finished strongly

KITTY’S PRO GIRL – Left from post 7 and tucked, went first over into a quick last half and just missed to the 4-5 winning front runner in another game effort for this competitive mare

LINDWOOD PLAYER*** – Followed tiring cover and had to go wide around the final turn, finished sharply pacing a :54 3/5 last half (which was actually faster if you adjust for ground lost racing wide)

ANDY ROO – Was parked the mile without cover forcing a fast pace against a tough front runner and finished last, but it was a tough trip; dangerous with a drop in class

WINK N ATCHA*** – Was parked to a quick half, yielded at the three quarters which went in 1:20 4/5, held the place behind sharp 1-2 winner Drumfire A



8/12: 8w, + speed

8/11: 5w, no bias

8/10: 4w, no bias

SO EASY BABY – Was stuck behind poor cover, brushed around cover pacing a :26 4/5 third quarter to reach the leaders and continued on gamely to the wire, finishing a clear third

MATTOX’S SPENCER – Had post 9, was parked out early and went three wide to try to clear tiring cover, did get around it and went first over, reached contention but understandably weakened

ORDER BY TEXAS – Trotter broke early from post 8, recovered, followed weak cover and finished gamely



8/10: 6w, + speed

SUPERSTAR HANOVER – Trotter made two moves on the lead and drew clear handily



8/11: 6w, + speed

8/10: 8w, ++ speed

8/9: 7w, + speed

BJ’S BEQUIA – Was under the gun from the rail and went :26 and :54 while under intense pressure from a parked-out rival; gave way grudgingly late



8/12: 5w, no bias

8/11: 5w, no bias

TRUE DESIRE – Left, tucked, went first over into a :27 third quarter and held okay

SAND SAVAGE – Three wide the first quarter from post 9, got around a sluggish horse and attacked first over, didn’t tire that badly



8/11: 4w, no bias

8/10: 5w, no bias

8/9: 6w, + speed

FREDDY HANOVER*** – Left from post 8 and was parked to the lead in :26 2/5, set a hot pace and held okay

*** = extra-sharp preferred plays

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