03/21/2013 10:37AM

Harness Racing: Sharp Horse and Track Trends for March 14 - 17


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3/17: 3w, no bias

3/16: 2w, + closers

HITITHARD - Power-brushed, making up 8 lengths to take the lead at the half, weakened but held show

CON GAME - Left and was used hard to clear in :26 4/5, yielded and held okay

AQUA ARTIST - Left from post 10 and was used hard to clear past the quarter, set a fast pace and held okay to lose by a length in a race where the first three finishers all rallied from far back

THUNDER STEELER - On this list last week, went first over against the tough St Elmo Hero and paced another big last half to draw clear and pay $8.20; peaking 4-year-old is in rare form

FOUR STARZZZ Z*** - Far back early behind a modest pace, followed weak cover, angled wide for the drive and finished fast to get up with a :26 4/5 last quarter

ZALL GOOD - On this list last week, had post 8, left and tucked, power-brushed in :26 4/5 to get the lead passing the half and dug in bravely for the win paying $12.40



3/15: 6w, + speed

3/14: 4w, no bias

PLEZEN MR HACKER*** - Left well to the early lead in :28 2/5, yielded and was shuffled back to 8th, rallied gamely for the show

TOWNE'S DARLIN - Left and was used hard trying to get the lead, was rebuffed and tucked into the pocket off the second turn, held the show

JUSTINE'S PRIDE - Left from post 8 and was three wide the entire first quarter, remained parked and backed through the field down the backstretch after this impossible trip

WANG DANG DOODLE*** - Left from post 8, tucked third briefly off the first turn then quarter-moved to the lead, drew off to an easy win while well in hand



3/14: 8w, ++ speed



3/17: 9w, ++ speed

3/14: 7w, + speed

TOM AND STAN - Had post 7 and poor cover, finished well in an improved effort

TYLER HANOVER - Left from post 5 and got caught up in a wicked speed duel forcing fast fractions, held surprisingly well at 22-1

BROADIES SONG - Far back early, made a strong brush on the final turn and won gamely

ONE AMERICA - Was parked the mile without cover from post 6 prompting a fast pace, excusably tired



3/15: 5w, no bias



3/15: 9w, + speed

3/14: 3w, no bias

A STAR FOR SIDNEY - Trotter had post 8, paced a :27 4/5 third quarter uncovered to enter contention and flattened out but could be a threat at a price from a better post

CONCERT TICKET - Had post 7, finished strongly against a bias



3/17: 8w, ++ speed, leavers, quarter-movers dominated, as if often the case here

3/15: 6w, + speed

VEGAS RUSTY - Left to the early lead from post 7, yielded, brushed back to the lead at the half, took on pressure and weakened in the stretch in a hard-used effort



3/17: 4w, no bias

3/16: 4w, no bias

3/15: 2w, no bias

FLY HIGH - Had post 7, left and tucked third, went first over into a quick third quarter and held well



3/16: +6, + speed

3/15: 3w, no bias

3/14: 3w, no bias, strong tailwinds

LAGUNA BEACH - Left alertly to a quick opening quarter, yielded, was shuffled, finished sharply

STATESMAN N*** - Far back early in U.S. debut, rallied wide and finished strongly on a night where speed was holding well

I DO HANOVER - Left from post 9 and tucked 4th off the first turn, pulled first over and rushed up to challenge the leader, appeared shaken off on the final turn and dropped back but held evenly in third position, appeared to be lugging in a bit in the lane but was straightened out by Andy Miller and surged to the lead when asked late in a game win

STALLONE BLUE CHIP*** - Was 8th, eleven lengths behind early over a speed favoring track, followed poor cover 4th over, stormed wide around the final turn making up ground quickly and flattened out

PALM'S BEACH - Had the rail and showed some early speed to maintain position, rushed up to challenge a stubborn leader down the back and engaged in a speed duel, held well considering

IL MAGO - Peaking 4yo trotter left swiftly in :26 4/5, set a hot pace and bottomed out the field

SOUTHWIND JAZMIN - Left from post 8 and was parked to a quick half for the lead, set the pace under pressure from there and held well for the show

SIR JILLIAN Z TAM - Strong closer finished fast from a tough spot

O NARUTAC ROCKETTE - Was far back behind a modest pace, picked up poor cover, rallied wide and finished well



3/16: 7w, + speed

3/15: 4w, no bias

3/14: 8w, +++ speed, big advantage to front runners and leavers

WIZARD QUEEN - Was shuffled back to 8th, slipped out to follow cover and finished fast against the bias

CARAMEL CHINNO - Was first over a long way against the sharp 3-5 front runner against a strong front end bias and held okay

IRISH ELITIST - Followed a weak flow third over and finished fast against the bias

WILDFIRE OSBORNE - Had post 8, followed cover third over and finished strongly against the speed bias

KRISPY APPLE*** - Classy 5yo mare had post 7, followed cover third over and finished powerfully to win

FLASHY LADY - Trotter was parked to the half from post 7, tired in the lane but trip was tough

MIDAS BLUE CHIP - Left from post 7 and was cooked forcing a hot pace in a speed duel; finished last but had a good excuse

*** = extra-sharp preferred plays