03/20/2013 4:15PM

Harness Racing: Mark MacDonald to make the Meadowlands his home

Mark MacDonald has over 5,100 career wins.

Beginning this Saturday, driver Mark Macdonald will be making a change in his driving plans.  For at least the duration of the winter meet, Macdonald will be driving Friday and Saturday nights at the Meadowlands.              

Macdonald said several factor played into his decision. 

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“The Meadowlands is where I always wanted to be, it’s the place to drive.  With the stakes races at Yonkers coming up and some of the Meadowlands regulars following horses over to Yonkers, some opportunities have opened up at the Meadowlands.  Plus if you are there full time, you tend to get more chances.”             

While Macdonald is committed to drive through the end at the winter meet, this move is not necessarily timed out once The Championship Meet kicks off. 

“If I can get things going well at the Meadowlands, then I’ll stay," said MacDonald. "Like I said, when I came down here I always wanted to drive at the Meadowlands, I like the bigger track too.”              

Macdonald is a budding star in the sport.  At just 34 years of age, he has over 5,100 victories and lifetime earnings of over $64 Million.  His two biggest wins came in The Little Brown Jug with Mr Feelgood and the North American Cup with Sportswriter.

-edited release (Meadowlands)

Nathan More than 1 year ago
they test the drivers at woodbine and this guy takes some heavy duty painkillers .
Carl Hiel More than 1 year ago
if they are doctor prescribed are they still alowed to race? he was in some major wrecks .real good driver weg circuit his bigtime patron kinda kicked him to the curb cassie coleman a few to many positves inthe past 6 months let her come back just intime for stakes season.joke ihope gural dont let her near the place
Bruce Baudoux More than 1 year ago
Woodbine not big enough for a kid from the sticks?