04/10/2015 2:52PM

Harness: PA Harness Week for April 11


Each week DRF Harness will bring you PA Harness Week. This 30-minute show highlights the best of Pennsylvania harness racing as well as what is happening on the national scene.

In this edition, Heather Vitale, Steve Ross and Sharla McBride bring you a great lineup of harness racing features including:


►  Interview with Yannick Gingras on winning Driver of the Year

►  Bobby Weiss series at Pocono & Harrah's Philadelphia review

►  Heather Vitale calls a race at Pompano Park

►  Review of the Levy series from Yonkers Raceway


Ross More than 1 year ago
I wonder if they'll mention why no one bets at these tracks. Pennsylvania has ridiculously high takeout rates. You have to be a "fan" to enjoy racing in Pennsylvania. Obviously bettors are not "fans", they're just looking for a square deal. Reduce the takeout, and you'll build the pools. - it's been proven. With all the welfare that goes to the horseman, you'd think they would give SOMETHING back to the bettor.