01/06/2016 5:11PM

Harness: Darin Zoccali resigns from Meadowlands


Darin Zoccali, who has worked at the Meadowlands since 2006 and as its director of racing operations since 2012, told harnessracing.com Wednesday afternoon that he has resigned his position and will be leaving the New Jersey racetrack upon the conclusion of the race card on Saturday, Jan. 9.

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RANDY LEE More than 1 year ago
This guy didn't resign... No Way... Gural and company Are losing money each and every race night...and Without slots the Meadowlands will cease by 2017. They have too many "Darin Zocali's" running around That place and this is no surprise.. Gural is "Hemorrhage" mode.. They may bet 4 million on his Product but he is making pennies on that and you Cannot run a racetrack like that.. In regards to DZ landing at NYRA... No Way... No Dis respect but They have quality people already and he really brings Nothing to the table for them.. I would say Yonkers or He can hope for Roosevelt Raceway to re-open... Lol
Eric Woolfson More than 1 year ago
Dave Brower was a much better handicapper than Zocalli, who was not even better than I am. Harness handicappers won't miss him very much IMO. Hopefully, Dave might consider making a return to the Big M.
Blaine MacMillan More than 1 year ago
Looks like NYRA is the logical location for Zoccali. I'll lay 3-1 on it....