06/24/2014 4:36PM

Harness: Brian Sears now welcome at Meadowlands


The Meadowlands Racetrack issued the following release Tuesday regarding the feud between driver Brian Sears and Meadowlands operator Jeff Gural that took place last week. Sears, who was briefly banned from racing at the Meadowlands last week, will now be permitted to race at all of Gural's tracks (also Tioga and Vernon).

Below are the statements from each man:

Brian Sears:

"I’m pleased that Jeff and I had a chance to get together and talk about the issues that came to a head last week.  I’ve known Jeff for a long time and so I’m comfortable speaking my mind with him.  I may have said some things in our conversation that didn’t come across very well.  I respect the many good things that Jeff has done for harness racing and I’m glad that we can put our differences behind us and get back to a great summer of racing."

Jeff Gural:

"Brian is a friend of mine and I am glad we had a chance to clear the air this morning.  Brian is a very talented driver and one of the best I have ever seen.  Brian made some comments to me that particularly did not line up with my vision for harness racing but we have spoken about them and are moving forward.  I completely understand why Brian makes the decision to race at Yonkers and he completely understands why I wish he would still race at the Meadowlands.  At the end of the day, Brian must make the decision that is best for him as I make the decisions that are best for my three tracks.  I told Brian he is welcome to race at any of my tracks (Meadowlands, Tioga Downs, Vernon Downs) and hope that he will race at them often.   We are both happy to put this behind us and move forward."

Jay More than 1 year ago
The Gural Joke continues. Was surprised to see Sears driving tonight in the swamp so checked in and see Gural caved. I guess "his people" finally persuaded him that he came off as petty, arrogant and unable to see the forsest through the trees. "Beat the Boss" suddenly has a new meaning. Sears back may restore some credibility and prestige to that track which is circling the drain. Gural is in way over his head.
becky bronx More than 1 year ago
how much is gural losing on this dump? what a sucker he was.
RunningDog More than 1 year ago
Sears is a star in the sport. Cant believe you would let your ego get in the way. If he shows up to drive welcome him. Meadowlands needs him and the other big names badly or it seems like minor league racing.
JoeyB More than 1 year ago
If the Meadowlands can't get slots in the next two years Jeff Gural will sell the track or shut it down. There in no money in harness racing unless you have slots at the track.
Joe Apps More than 1 year ago
Gural is a bully
Cyclops More than 1 year ago
Who cares about Sears?
Pat More than 1 year ago
Gural comes out of this thing looking like a petty, vindictive, vengeful man who has no grand vision for a sport that is literally dying before his own eyes. And this is the man who was hailed as the "savior" of harness racing in New Jersey. Take a look at your Friday and Saturday cards at the Meadowland. Some savior.
Steve More than 1 year ago
Common sense finally prevails
Cold More than 1 year ago
Gural is a joke...I don't know what is funnier his statement or looking at the overnight card for Saturday night...
Alice Bauml More than 1 year ago
What, you don't care for Freehold North? What a shame that the former premier track is down to 2 nights a week (from 6), takes a back seat to Pocono (4 nights, 16 races per night) and Yonkers. Nice driver colony left when any other track runs a big night card. It was smart to bring in A-B-C classified races as to mask that the C-1,2 are really 5 claimers. Remember the good old days of $100,000 - $150,000 claiming races before the Opens? Gone, and long forgotten. Sears and Brennan and Dube and Manzi were all smart to go where the money is at.